DriverMakerPlus: Mount/Map FTP and FTPS Secure to a Drive Letter


What is DriverMaker Plus?

DriveMaker Plus is the full version of DriveMaker and allows you to mount or map an FTP or FTPS (encrypted and secure TLS/SSL link to FTP server) site to your Windows PC or Windows Server as a drive letter, for example: D:. Your favorite software, including the command prompt, anti-virus, Microsoft Excel, Word, etc. can now access your FTP files and folders as if they were local. When files are added and updated, the changes are uploaded to the FTP site automatically in the background. DriveMaker Plus licenses are included in BackupChain Backup Software and also in our cloud storage plans.

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What does DriverMaker Plus offer that DriveMaker Freeware doesn’t?

  1. DriveMaker Plus offers secure and encrypted links to your FTP site via FTPS (TLS/SSL encrypted). DriverMaker Freeware allows only clear-text connections via plain FTP.
  2. DriveMaker Plus allows you to save all settings
  3. DriveMaker Plus starts up automatically when you log on (minimized)
  4. DriveMaker Plus has no session time limit. DriveMaker Freeware sessions are closed automatically after about two hours.
  5. DriveMaker Plus allows you to encrypt files transparently.


DriveMakerPlus Unique Feature: Encrypted Files on FTP Site

You can choose to encrypt files using military strength encryption (AES256). DriveMaker Plus encrypts each file before sending it up to the FTP site (via an also encrypted link). The files reside on the FTP site in encrypted form so that no one can read them without the password.

This entire process is completely transparent and does not change the way you use your FTP drive letter. DriveMaker drives show the same file name and size, regardless of whether the file is encrypted or not. When accessing encrypted files, their contents are decrypted on the fly.

Secure Link to your FTP Site via FTPS / FTPES (TLS/SSL)

Unlike DriveMaker Freeware, DriveMaker Plus can connect via secure links over SSL (FTPS). This option encrypted and thereby hides your user name and password from software that could be intercepting and/or recording your internet traffic.

SSL is the same security technology used for online banking, so this type of link is fairly secure for most users. However, you can choose to encrypt files using the AES256 option, which dramatically improves security. The files remain encrypted on the FTP server; hence, even if someone had physical access to the FTP server hardware, s/he wouldn’t be able to decipher the contents.


DriveMaker (both Freeware and Plus) are limited to a file size of up to 4GB. Larger files cannot be accessed using DriveMaker. Since there is a considerable delay with remote drives due to packets having to travel far back and forth, the responsiveness of a DriveMaker drive can never match that of a physically attached drive; hence, you should expect delays and irregular transfer speeds, which are absolutely normal for internet traffic.

DriveMaker also uses the system drive as a buffer drive. Please ensure there is plenty of free disk space on your system drive. Furthermore, DriveMaker relies on the WebClient service in Windows that is installed on all Windows PCs. On Windows Server platforms you may need to add the feature ‘Desktop Experience’ via the Server Manager first.

DriveMaker works well with fully standards compliant FTP servers that use the NTFS file system (such as BackupChain Cloud Service, BackupChain FTP Server, or Microsoft IIS 7+). When you try to connect to a Linux based FTP server (or a NAS device via FTP which uses Linux internally) there may be limitations depending on the device and its internal underlying file system type. The easiest way to tell if there are any compatibility issues is to simply connect and test it out.

No SFTP Support

Please note that SFTP is currently not supported. If you need encrypted link support, DriveMaker offers “explicit FTPS” which encrypts FTP over TLS/SSL and is also secure; however, SFTP is a different protocol.

Recommended Use

DriveMaker is meant to be used with fully standards compliant FTP servers which use the NTFS file system (such as BackupChain Cloud Service, BackupChain FTP Server).

How to Buy

DriveMaker is bundled with BackupChain Backup Software. If you already own BackupChain or if you are currently subscribing to our cloud backup, you are entitled to a certain number of free DriveMaker Plus licenses.

DriveMaker Plus may also be purchased separately. Note that each computer needs a separate DriveMaker Plus license.
Please contact sales for a quote and to make a purchase, or purchase directly from FastSpring: