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Discussion of Backup Strategies and Samples

Backup strategies often revolve around certain constraints, such as: • backup time is limited • backups are performed around 500-1,000x more often than restores; hence, backup time windows tend to be prioritized over restore time • storage space is limited • human labor is expensive • business consequences of data loss may range from expensive to fatal • business data is […]

Create a Hyper-V Plain File Backup Job and Copy to Server

In order to copy VMs from one Hyper-V server to another and have them ready to boot at the backup server in case of a disaster, you need to set up a plain file backup job. In BackupChain’s New Task Wizard, this option shows up a ‘no processing’. See Step-by-step instructions on how to set […]

How to Set Up a Plain File Backup Copy

Plain file backup is basically a straight copy job. In the New Task Wizard in BackupChain the option is called “no processing” because no compression, encryption, or deduplication is being used (see link to step-by-step article at bottom). A great bonus in BackupChain is you can keep more than one copy of each file, if […]

How Should I Back Up VMware Workstation?

VMware Workstation isn’t quite a server-grade beast; however, we have thousands of BackupChain installations taking care of VMware Workstation and VMware Server successfully. Now when it comes to backing up VMware Workstation it’s really important to do some tweaking in the system so everything runs smoothly. Recommended reading: VMware Workstation Speed-Up, How to Fix Slow […]

How to Fix Hyper-V Backup Errors Quickly

When backing up Hyper-V VMs, VSS errors (Volume Shadow Copy Service) are not uncommon. The error potential for VM backups is much higher than for physical servers because many resources are shared and live backup requires the (error-free) participation of all VSS aware services inside each VM. Any resource shortage of service configuration issue inside a VM […]

How to Fix VSS Errors

VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) errors are not uncommon. VSS is a Windows component made by Microsoft and is the key to obtaining consistent and reliable live backups in Windows–there is no other way to achieve it. VSS errors are known to have thousands of potential origins; therefore, the best thing to do is to […]

How to Back up or Transfer Logs and Settings

How to Move Backup Logs BackupChain’s task settings are stored in: C:\ProgramData\BackupChainService Logs are stored in C:\ProgramData\BackupChainService\Logs\<task name>   You can back up these folders as necessary. How to Move Backup Settings to Another Server In order to move the settings to another server or PC, take a copy of BackupSets.xml. On the target PC, exit […]

How to Run a Task During Business Hours Only

In the Schedule tab, select the “daily” schedule. You need to change the start time from 9AM or whenever you would like the repetition to start. Note, however, the repetitions run inside the task. If you break the task to make changes or reboot the server, the repetitions won’t take place until the next day. […]

Do I Need to Buy the Software Every Year?

BackupChain software licenses are perpetual. They come with a one or two year update subscription. During that time you receive free upgrades and technical support. Beyond that time frame the software will continue to function; however, you will no longer receive software updates. Please contact our helpline to obtain a license renewal, place an order, or […]

BackupChain Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to BackupChain’s Frequently Asked Questions page. Please use the category links at the right or the search function to find  an article Alternatively, you may find the BackupChain User Guide helpful. In the user guide you’ll find the Tutorials section with several illustrated step-by-step instructions and screenshots for each step, such as Hyper-V Backup […]