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How Should I use Granular Backup?

You don’t have to use Granular Backup to back up everything; it’s there for added flexibility and value. Most users create two or more tasks, one for the full backup, whether compressed / deduped or not. The other one runs more frequently and backs up only specific folders from inside the VM, via Granular Backup. […]

What Does “Always Authenticate” Do?

The ‘always authenticate’ option was added to deal with the case where user X may have read access to a share but no write access, unless X authenticates explicitly. This occurs for example when shares are opened to everyone for reading but only certain users have write access. BackupChain is then forced to re-authenticate to […]

Does BackupChain use a Backup Store or Container Files?

BackupChain doesn’t use the concept of a backup store. It’s a target folder it writes to, which may be freely rotated. BackupChain continues where it left off last time it wrote into that folder. If you switch off dedupe and compression you’ll see the original file / folder structure and files being reproduced inside the […]

Does each Hyper-V CSV Node Require a License?

You’ll need a Server Edition or Server Enterprise license and installation on each node and each node should use its own target folder, whether or not going to the same target device. The deduplication algorithm works on a file basis, meaning each file (VHDX) is deduplicated on its own in isolation. You would set up […]

What Do I Need to Know When Backing up Hyper-V CSVs?

When you’re dealing with Windows Server 2012 R2 CSV backups you need to be aware of the following: use Hyper-V Backup types only, not Universal overlapping backups (simultaneous backups between two or more nodes) are now permitted. Server 2008 R2 couldn’t do that make sure all VM files are on the one and same CSV: […]

Is Granular Backup as Good as Running a Backup Inside the VM?

Granular Backup is an innovation of ours and uses the same VSS mechanisms as a full backup. It should give you the same file perspective as being inside the VM. Thus it saves you time and money and nothing needs to be installed/managed inside the VM. Probably because it saves you money you won’t find […]

Why is “total bytes read” so low in the log stats?

The read and write “total bytes” are the same when there is no compression or deduplication occurring. When compression or deduplication is being used, the total bytes read should be higher than total bytes written, since compression reduces the write volume. The read volume is less than the total of all original files because some […]

Can I back up Hyper-V on Windows 8 PCs?

That’s correct. All BackupChain Editions offer Hyper-V Backup for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 or later A complete walk-through, which is identical for all Editions, can be accessed via this page. Another interesting feature is that you can back up Hyper-V virtual machines on Windows 8 and restore them on a Windows Server or Hyper-V […]

What is the Difference Between Server Edition and Server Enterprise Edition?

In a nutshell, the Server Edition is limited to 2 simultaneous file backups and 2 deduplication workers. The Server Enterprise Edition doesn’t have those limitations and also offers Granular Backup (backup files internal to VM  from the host) & Granular Restore (restore files from within VM backups) features. The limitation of workers and simultaneous files […]

Does BackupChain Back Up and Restore Folder / File Permissions?

Yes BackupChain has the option to back up and restore file and folder permissions, so-called ACLs. You’ll find the backup option in the Options tab, box “Access Control Lists”. When restoring, at the very end of the restore screen where you enter the target folder, click ‘advanced options’. You’ll see an option there to restore […]