How to Back up or Transfer Logs and Settings

How to Move Backup Logs BackupChain’s task settings are stored in: C:\ProgramData\BackupChainService Logs are stored in C:\ProgramData\BackupChainService\Logs\<task name>   You can back up these folders as necessary. How to Move Backup Settings to Another Server In order to move the settings to another server or PC, take a copy of BackupSets.xml. On the target PC, exit […]

How Should I use Granular Backup?

You don’t have to use Granular Backup to back up everything; it’s there for added flexibility and value. Most users create two or more tasks, one for the full backup, whether compressed / deduped or not. The other one runs more frequently and backs up only specific folders from inside the VM, via Granular Backup. […]

Does BackupChain use a Backup Store or Container Files?

BackupChain doesn’t use the concept of a backup store. It’s a target folder it writes to, which may be freely rotated. BackupChain continues where it left off last time it wrote into that folder. If you switch off dedupe and compression you’ll see the original file / folder structure and files being reproduced inside the […]

Is the trial fully functional?

Yes, the trial is fully functional for 20 days. In v2.4 if you need to do a emergency restore to a new computer, install the trial and set up a ‘dummy’ task which doesn’t do anything. Simply save it and once you access the main screen in BackupChain, click Restore in the main menu and […]