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Bare-Metal Recovery

In order to do a bare metal recovery you will need to prepare a Windows boot USB drive, see How to: Bare-Metal Recovery via USB Windows Server Boot Disk. Once you have this USB hard disk set up to boot Windows via USB, you can install BackupChain on it and use the disk image backup […]

Are Tape Drives Supported for Backup?

Yes, tape drives work with BackupChain. For best performance you will want to use a task without deduplication (compression is OK) because deduplication requires fast random file access and tapes can naturally not provide random access as efficiently as hard drives. Moreover, your tape system will have to be accessible using a drive letter, for […]

DriveMaker Help and FAQ

Below is an overview and definition of DriveMaker Freeware and DriveMaker Plus features. DriveMaker allows you to connect to an FTP site via a mounted drive, so that all FTP files and folders become accessible from all your applications, for example on the path F:\ Download DriveMaker Now  Purchase What Can I Do With DriveMaker? DriveMaker opens […]

How to Exclude Certain Folders and Files From Backups

In order to exclude folders and files from a backup, use the Exclusions tab. The Exclusions tab offers various ways a folder or file can be excluded:   The top two boxes allow users to enter specific files and folders to be excluded. The third field ‘exclude files and folders containing this text…’ allows names […]

Network Tips & Tricks

Sometimes connecting to a server or NAS device on the network can be a real pain; this has mostly to do with how Microsoft manages network connections and how servers are set up and networks are structured. Background Info In Windows, each user session has its own network connections. On a Windows Server there are […]

Backing up Locked Files from a Network Share / Drive

Naturally, files stored on a network can be backed up using BackupChain using a pull strategy (that’s what you’re doing now); however, Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service doesn’t permit unlocking files over the network. In order to backup locked files, these files need to be local; hence, you can resolve the problem by installing the […]

Suspending a VM Before Backup in VMware Workstation

Instead of a VMware live backup you could also suspend VMs before backing them up and start them as soon as the backup completes. In BackupChain‘s Options tab use the External Utilities section as shown below:   The above example uses the VMRUN.EXE utility that ships with VMware Workstation (also VMware Server 2.0). We use […]

How to Backup Files with Unicode File Names

Backing up files with Unicode file names is fully supported in BackupChain and there is no need to configure anything. Full Unicode support is provided by BackupChain for file names up to 32,768 characters long. This makes BackupChain a perfect tool to back up very large file servers with deep folder structures, even over the network (network […]

How to Set up Block Level Delta Compression and WAN Acceleration

To set up Block Level Delta Compression and WAN Acceleration you don’t need to configure much. In fact, the default settings already pre-configure deduplication for types of files where it makes most sense, for example, disk images, VHDX files (Hyper-V, Virtual PC / Server), VMDK files (VMware), MDF LDF files (SQL Server), etc. The tab […]

How to Fix: “Error Creating Hard Drive Snapshot” and VSS Errors

The log entry “Error Creating Hard Drive Snapshot” indicates a ‘fatal VSS’ issue in the VSS system of Windows. Without a valid snapshot of the hard drive, BackupChain cannot proceed. To inspect the Windows Event Viewer logs, see Troubleshooting Volume Shadow Copy Errors: First Steps In the case of Hyper-V being used, make sure you […]