Exact File Copy Utility and Backup Software for Windows

  How to: Steps to Set up an Exact File Copy Task To set up a exact plain file copy task in BackupChain, click New Task, and select ‘Universal Backup’  or General File Backup as backup type. Then select folders and files as necessary and stipulate a target folder. Important step: On the next screen select ‘no […]

Backup of Linux Hyper-V VMs: Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse

The most important thing to know about backing up virtual machines running on top of Hyper-V, is that Hyper-V requires Hyper-V Integration Services to be installed at all times inside of each VM, regardless whether it’s running Windows Server, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Oracle or CentOS. Live backups are quite complex in nature. The […]

How to Copy and Sync Personal Files using Backup Software

This is typical usage scenario for our backup software, Customer asks: I would like to make copies of all my personal files in their native programs on to a hard drive (use 3 by rotation). When I update the copies, I would like only those that are changed in my computer to be accordingly changed […]

10 File Backup Software Facts You Need to Know

File Backup Software versus File Synchronization Tools File synchronization software differs from file backup software in that file synchronization makes plain copies of file and folders to another location, such as an external drive, whereas file backup does much more. File backup software usually offers compression, deduplication, encryption, and versioning. In addition, file backup software […]