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BackupChain is more than just a backup solution

BackupChain is a simple to use, yet powerful backup software solution for IT professionals. It is a fully automatic and configurable data backup solution and offers file version differencing, deduplication and delta compression. Furthermore, BackupChain offers Hyper-V virtual machine backup and database protection, as well as a strong multithreaded engine for fast backups. You can choose to back up your files, databases, and virtual machines to network servers, USB, iSCSI, local drives, and FTP.

  • Configurable Data Protection
  • Powerful Server Backup Features
  • VSS Support
  • Extensive Virtual Machine Support (Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox)
  • Granular Backup & Granular Restore Features

Discover BackupChain and Its Components

Local and Remote PC and Server Backups

BackupChain is an all-in-one, professional data protection solution. It offers built-in data deduplication, file compression, and encryption and sends your backups to network shares, disks, FTP and cloud servers. You can send your important files to other company sites and back up data offsite between your offices.

Time and Money-Saving Granular Backup and Granular Restore Functions

Our Server Enterprise Edition includes two granular features:

Granular Restore: This feature is crucial for restoring individual files and folders from virtual server backups within seconds. It saves you from restoring entire virtual disks and opens compressed and deduplicated media on-the-fly. Imagine the time savings (30 secs vs. hours) when restoring a small Word document from a 4 TB virtual machine image. This feature was implemented to work with Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMware Workstation and VMware Server. See this Hyper-V step-by-step example and this granular recovery guide.

Granular Backup: This is unique to BackupChain and offers direct access to virtual server disks from the host without interrupting the VM. There is no need to install agents inside the virtual machine either. This feature is supported on VirtualBox, Hyper-V, VMware Server and VMWare Workstation virtual machines. See this guide with screenshots.

BackupChain: The Admin's Data Backup "Cockpit" for Windows Servers and PCs

  • Hyper-V backup module for Hyper-V Servers to run fully automated backup tasks on Windows Server 2012 / R2, 2008 / R2, Windows 8 /8.1, including Windows Server Core and free Hyper-V Server editions. windows server system
  • Automated VMware backups Protect VMware and store virtual machine backups on disks or your cloud using deduplication
  • All virtual machines are backed up without interruption
  • Automated VM backup and recovery, see this Hyper-V guide.
  • Set up file retention periods as needed. Delete copies when original source file has been deleted with a time delay.
  • Restore point-in-time file and folder structures as of time of backup
  • All settings can be fine-tuned based on file type, for example, BackupChain can process *.docx files differently than *.VMDK.
  • Professional server tool with an easy to use interface.

Powerful Server Features

  • Change detection: BackupChain scans and tracks changed blocks inside files. The difference is compressed and stored as an increment or differential delta file
  • Block-based incremental deltas can be used to store hundreds of file changes. This is especially useful when backing up databases and VMs
  • Back up databases and virtual machines live. There is no need to stop or pause VMs. This applies to all VSS-aware services on your system.
  • Fast compression and handling of very large files (terabytes)
  • BackupChain preserves and backs up long file and path names (up to 32768 characters), with or without ZIP compression
  • Unicode and international letters in file names are supported
  • eSATA and USB external hard drives may be rotated as you like without configuration changes
  • Cluster Shared Volumes are supported on all Server Editions
  • Your license includes a one or two year software update subscription plan and unlimited tech support incidents.
  • Simultaneous file backups within each task are possible. Moreover, tasks can be scheduled to run simultaneously.
  • Deduplication can be configured to use several CPU cores simultaneously for better speed

Set up Your Own Secure Online Backup Cloud for Your Servers

  • Connect your offices together and back up one site to the other; securely and without cloud fees.
  • Back up your files over the Internet to any other PC or server running BackupChain using deduplication (only file changes are transmitted)
  • Send your office data to your home office and vice-versa.
  • Synchronize server files at several office sites.
  • Protect data and transmissions using military-strength encryption (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

File Retention and Versioning

  • For each type of file you can set up different retention plans
  • Compress each file type the way you want (ZIP, deduplication, plain copy, etc.)
  • Exclude files and folders using a wide range of filters

Process Locked / Open Files

  • BackupChain uses VSS to obtain application and crash-consistent backups of locked files
  • Database servers can be backed up while running (Microsoft SQL, etc.)
  • Virtual machines are backed up without a pause on Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC

Drive Rotation Made Easy

  • Rotate hard drives by simply swapping them whenever you want. No configuration needed.
  • All information is stored in the archive folder. Each rotated drive is independent. You only need one for a full restore
  • Drive rotation also works with FTP or network folders

The Best Technical Support in the Industry

We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible. Call, email, or chat with us whenever you have questions or need assistance. We are based in Baltimore, MD, USA: Tel: 1-800-906-5150 Email: support@backupchain.com M-F 9 AM-5 PM (ET).

BackupChain Creates Optimized Archives of Your Data

BackupChain is the only tool that can send as well as receive fast incremental backups from other servers or PCs.
BackupChain utilizes innovative proprietary technology that allows it to efficiently handle millions of files, deep folder structures, and track file changes on large files. Delta compression was developed to back up very large files, such as database and VM disks. Rather than copying entire disks each time, only file content changes need to be backed up. BackupChain is also a great choice when used as a USB backup software, combining low cost storage and fast processing.

BackupChain: The All-in-One Solution

Our mission is to provide you with the best backup software on the market, giving you full control over how your data is to be protected. Once you have tried BackupChain,
you'll agree that no other tool provides the same set of professional features to fine-tune, manage, and process your data backups.

We believe in empowering the IT professional with easy to use yet powerful features, as well as open data format standards so you remain in control and ownership of your data.

Hyper-V Backups with Granular Backup and Granular Restore Capabilities

A great set of features in BackupChain focuses on virtual machine protection. Granular Backups allow access to files and folders stored inside a virtual machine. Instead of protecting the entire VM, you simply pull individual objects to be backed up--it's all happening through the host without using agents inside the VM. See this example for Hyper-V. The Granular Restore process is also a huge time saver: instead of restoring huge virtual machines, you simply pull out a file from your backup chain when you need it. It takes less than a minute!

These features are available not only on Hyper-V Server 2012 Core, but also on Windows Server 2012 and older versions, as well as for VMware and VirtualBox. Naturally all virtual machines are backed up live while they are running without interruptions, and on Hyper-V you can also back up cluster shared volumes the same way you back up local VMs.

High-Speed Deduplication, even over FTP


There is no need to back up the same huge database or virtual machine file over and over again. In-file deduplication works incrementally and differentially on a file-by-file basis. BackupChain scans the file and detects which contents changed. Then it compresses and backs up only those changes since the last cycle. BackupChain is the only server solution on the market to achieve this over standard FTP, as well as to local and network targets. See our Hyper-V solution on how to back up Hyper-V virtual machines using BackupChain's deduplication.

Network Attached Storage Support (NAS Devices)

BackupChain is compatible with all leading network attached storage (NAS) devices, such as: QNAP TurboNAS, Buffalo, Terramaster, Terastation, Seagate, Synology, Diskstation, FreeNAS, Western Digital My Cloud, ioSafe, and Iomega.

We also regularly test data and Hyper-V server performance on all leading hard drive brands, such as Seagate, Western Digital (WD), SanDisk, LaCie, Toshiba, IBM, Axiom, and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Customizable File Processing

For each data protection task, you can fine-tune how each file type is to be processed, such as: File Versioning, Incremental and Differential Deduplication, Retention Periods, Compression Type, Encryption, etc. You can back up files simultaneously and also run tasks concurrently as necessary. In addition, file may be retained by revision count, i.e. you can set up BackupChain to keep the last N versions of a particular file type.

Configurable System Utilization

Whether you want full speed ahead using all available CPU cores and hard drive bandwidth, or a just a discreet background task, the entire spectrum is available. By limiting CPU cores and setting bandwidth limits you may reduce the system load of your backup or give it a boost at quiet hours.

Pro Tech Support is Available Even During Trial Periods

Our team is committed to providing you the best disaster recovery solution and provides free support during trial periods to get all your questions answered. If you need assistance, we are here to help!

...and much more

More info on how BackupChain is backed by 110% Money-Back and Best Value Guarantees here.

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