Exact File Copy Utility and Backup Software for Windows


How to: Steps to Set up an Exact File Copy Task

To set up a exact plain file copy task in BackupChain, click New Task, and select ‘Universal Backup’  or General File Backup as backup type.

Then select folders and files as necessary and stipulate a target folder.

Important step: On the next screen select ‘no file processing’ and that will preset all settings needed to create a file copy task:





The BackupChain download is available here, and do so much more:


Incremental Backups: The ability to skip files that have been already backed up

Deduplication: The ability to skip sections inside a file that haven’t changed. This is great for large file backups, such as virtual machines and databases.

Simultaneous backups: Several files may be processed and copied simultaneously

File Versioning: Keeps the last N changes (versions / editions) of each file. BackupChain allows you to configure this setting for each type of file separately if you want.

File Retention: Configure a certain time after which the backup will be deleted automatically. What is retention?

Delayed Deletion: When a file gets deleted at the source, BackupChain can be instructed to delete the backup after a certain time period, for example, after 30 days.

Multi-threaded Design: Run several tasks simultaneously as needed

Speed throttling: Slow down backups if they are too fast. This feature helps keep the network available for other services, too

Scheduling: BackupChain contains a professional Task Scheduler that offers all thinkable scheduling options for your file copy tasks.

Compression: You can compress individual types of files as you like, with various compression algorithms and level available.

Encryption: AES-256 is used to give you strong encryption, better than the encryption used in HTTPS for online backing.

Remote and Cloud backups: Using BackupChain you can back up your files to FTP servers and cloud servers, even with deduplication enabled.

Hyper-V Backups: Backup and restore Hyper-V virtual machines fully automatically.

VMware Workstation Backups: Backup and restore VMware Workstation virtual machines and VMware Server VMs.

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