DeleteLongPath™ Deletes Folders Windows Can't

Are you trying to delete a folder longer than 260 characters long?

Unfortunately, after almost 20 years of Windows, Microsoft has still not resolved this issue...

Our freeware DeleteLongPath tool may be a big timesaver for you. It simply deletes the folder structure and all of its containing files provided your user account has the permissions to do so.

DeleteLongPath Screenshot

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Here's a recent thank you note we received:
I was going crazy and cross-eyed navigating deep into long path directories and renaming folders and deleting at the end of the path.  I was saving the address of my deletions as text occasionally to view my progress, and it appeared that the path was getting even longer.
With my vision blurring until I could hardly see I did one more search for a long path deletion tool, and came upon your site and it's freeware download, which worked wonderfully if I didn't start with path's that branched from the root directory!(could hardly see at this point!)
I looked around for a donate link but did not find one, so thought I should at least try to write a warm *** THANK-YOU*** for saving one techie from falling forever in cyberspace, without a paddle!!!
May you live long and proper!