Reliable & Fast Cloud Backups at a Low Price

Affordable and Reliable Cloud Backup for Windows Servers, Windows PCs, and NAS

Are you looking for affordable, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage for your Windows Server backups? And, are you aware of the six common cloud backup storage pitfalls?
Our cloud storage plans are among the most reliable with 99.999% uptime since 2013. But BackupChain cloud storage isn’t just a storage offering: we offer the entire backup package with full service and fixed, “no surprises” pricing.

The Perfect Cloud Backup Solution for Virtual Machines and Physical Servers

Unlike other providers, there are no charges for downloads (restores) and accessing your data, and U.S.-based technical support is included. Our cloud plans are an affordable, robust, and high-speed option to diversify your backup strategy and protect your business against data loss. Combine your local backup strategy with a remote backup option for your files servers, Microsoft Exchange, Hyper-V, VMware, SQL, or any other data or service backed up using BackupChain. Our cloud-backup algorithms in BackupChain ensure that only the daily changes need to be transmitted over the wire.

Our Cloud Backup Plans in Detail

We offer three different types of cloud plans:

Single Server Cloud plans are licensed per server (you need a separate storage account for each server).

Shared Cloud (1 to 3 servers) are plans that up to three servers inside one organization may share.

Unlimited Cloud (4+ servers) may be shared throughout the same organization.

Available Cloud Plans (Contact sales for 10 TB to 64 TB plans):

Annual Single Server Cloud Backup
2 TB: $550.99 per year
4 TB: $1,092.99 per year
6 TB: $1,609.99 per year
8 TB: $2,146.99 per year
Annual Shared Cloud Backup Plan (1-3 Servers)
1 TB: $399.99 per year
2 TB: $719.99 per year
4 TB: $1,359.99 per year
Unlimited Cloud Plan (4 or more Servers sharing same plan)
1 TB: $639.99 per year
2 TB: $1,199.99 per year
4 TB: $1,999.99 per year
6 TB: $2,799.99 per year
8 TB: $3,599.99 per year
10 TB: $4,399.99 per year
Mini Single PC / Server Cloud Backup
100 GB: $399.99 per 3 years (i.e. $133.33 per year)
250 GB: $539.99 per 3 years (i.e. $179.99 per year)
Seeding & Recovery Options
Initial seed with own hard drive ($199.99)
Recovery via External Hard Drive up to 10 TB ($499.99)
Recovery via External Hard Drive up to 12 TB ($599.99)

Free Software + Cloud Bundle Offer

When you subscribe to a yearly plan worth $399 and above, you receive $249.99 in free software credits, for example for a Server Edition license or several Professional Edition licenses.
For yearly plans worth over $999 you receive $499.99 in free software credits, which could be used for one Server Enterprise or two Server Edition licenses, or a number of Professional Edition licenses as needed. Combine with a BackupChain Platinum Edition software license for a full service cloud backup solution and receive $500 off any annual TB plan.
Please contact sales if you have questions or to request a customized package.


It’s Not Just About Cost per TB

Rather than just focusing entirely on cost per terabyte, don’t forget to consider the many advantages of our cloud backup offering: 100% fixed pricing, no hidden fees for accessing or restoring data, technical support and free consultations are included. Feel free to contact our technical support team and discuss your needs in detail. We’ll help you set up a cloud backup strategy that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Also note that we always assist customers with restoring data or seeding data as needed.
The benefits of choosing BackupChain as your cloud backup solution are too many to list here in full detail, simply contact our team for details and we’ll work with you to create a customized backup strategy plan.

Benefit: Storage is Compressed and Deduplicated

Please note that the above capacities, such as 2TB, are the total capacity of the account; however, the data is compressed, encrypted, and deduplicated before it is sent to your account and that dramatically reduces the storage usage. As a rule of thumb, the storage used is under 60% for regular documents. In other words, 100 GB of documents would usually require less than 60 GB storage space.

Available Discounts

Substantial discounts are available for two and three year plans.
Discounts are also available for non-profit and educational organizations.
Please contact sales for an accurate quote that suits your needs.

How to get started

Feel free to discuss your needs with our sales department. Payments are handled securely online. After arranging your cloud plan with our sales department, you will receive an invoice via email that can be paid securely online at your convenience.


Seeding and Recovery Options

We offer an offline seeding option where you send us your external drive with your encrypted data on it. You may choose to have it returned or we keep it in storage if you ever need a recovery disk sent back to you. A recovery disk is an external hard disk that contains all your data. It is shipped to you so you don’t have to download all your files over the internet. This is useful when your internet connection is relatively slow. The recovery option below includes the cost of a new recovery external hard drive and US postage.

If you have questions regarding our products and services, you may reach BackupChain Support by

Phone: 1-844-717-5612

Email BackupChain Support:

Email BackupChain Sales:

FastNeuron Inc. General Inquiries:

What Kinds of Cloud Backup are Offered?

Use BackupChain as an affordable and efficient solution for a wide range of applications. These include, for example, Windows Server cloud backups, Windows PC cloud backups, file server, Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox, SQL, and Exchange Server cloud backups.

Hyper-V Cloud Backup

Use BackupChain to create local backups as well as cloud backups of your Hyper-V virtual machines. VHD and VHDX files are deduplicated before they are uploaded to save significant amounts of space (upwards of 80% per backup).

VMware Cloud Backup

If you are using a VMware product, such as VMware Workstation, your VMDKs are compressed and deduplicated to create an efficient backup chain in the cloud. Virtual machines are not paused when the backup tasks are processing your VMs, and the VMs are thus not affected in any way, making BackupChain the perfect VMware cloud backup solution.

File Server Cloud Backup

Create efficient cloud backups of your file servers with strong encryption and multiple, parallel uploads. Our proprietary server-side scan feature optimizes the transfer so that only new and altered files are sent over the wire, nothing else. The result? Very short backup cycles, even if your file server holds millions of folders.

SQL and Exchange Server Cloud Backup

Even if you are running a complicated server setup with multiple services, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange Server, you can back them all up with BackupChain to the cloud. Our cloud accounts handle any size of database or virtual machine, so there are no limitations to worry about. The transfers are always deduplicated so that incremental backups are kept as small as possible.

VirtualBox Cloud Backup

Our platform offers VirtualBox Cloud Backup with the same benefits as for Hyper-V and VMware, whether local or remote or to the cloud. Benefit from fast compression, encryption, and deduplication of your VDIs. BackupChain’s features ensure that VMs keep running smoothly during backup, and uploads are kept as short as possible.

Disk Image Cloud Backup

Disk images created with BackupChain may be also backed up to the cloud for additional protection against local risks, such as ransomware, fire, theft, etc. Disk images are recommended for operating system disks to preserve the configuration and software packages on the server, whereas specialized tools should be used for virtual machines and databases, as described above.

Overall Benefits

Technical Support is Included in All Plans

It’s very important to receive assistance when you need it and we are proud to offer personalized, reliable, and competent technical support to all our customers. You may reach us by email, phone, and live chat. Our technical support team is available from 9am-5pm ET and based in Baltimore, MD, USA.

All-Inclusive Plan: No Surprises, No Contracts

Benefit from All inclusive pricing: there are no setup fees, and no other fees whatsoever. Pricing is also fixed, this means there are no bandwidth charges, no hidden fees, no file access fees, no setup or termination fees. There also no “minimum” storage periods. You can replace files as often as needed without increasing the storage used. There are also no contracts involved and no charges for moving your data out of the cloud.

Long History of Reliable Service, Trusted Worldwide, Online Since 2013

Our secured servers are located in Baltimore, MD, USA. The past uptime is well over 99.99% and the service has been online since January 2013. A fully functional and free trial available of our software BackupChain Backup Software can be downloaded from this website. BackupChain purchases are backed by our 110% Money-back guarantee. BackupChain is trusted by notable companies, with tens of thousands of installations around the world.

Accessibility and Security

Military strength encryption occurs before data leaves your computer. Data remains encrypted “at rest” on our servers until you download it. When you restore data, decryption occurs on your own computer and with a password you define.
Cloud storage accessible via FTP and FTPS secure links, and mounted virtual drives using DriveMaker. We offer DriveMaker Plus free licenses for accessing your cloud storage via a mounted drive letter in Windows.

Save Storage Space and Minimize Backup Time

Efficient backup to the cloud is possible using BackupChain’s deduplication technology: Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-V VMs, VMware VMs, and databases, are backed up with incremental deltas. This ensures minimal bandwidth and storage usage. File server folder structures are pre-scanned on the servers to optimize incremental backup process in the case of file server cloud backups.

Full Service Option: BackupChain Platinum License

Bundle our Platinum Edition with a cloud plan and receive a significant discount. Our full service offered to Platinum customers includes assistance in planning effective backup strategies, customized to suit the customer’s infrastructure, assistance in setting up backup tasks, monitoring backup systems, assistance in restoring data, and extended technical support hours even on holidays and weekends. The Platinum plan allows busy entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on their business, while we focus on their data protection and monitor their systems around the clock to ensure local and cloud backups are running smoothly. If assistance is needed, we are just a phone call away and ready to take action.

There are No Character or Path Length Limitations. Unlimited File Size, Indefinite File Versioning and Retention Periods are Supported

Our cloud systems do not impose any path length limitations and no character limit on the file name length, as BackupChain supports the Windows maximum of 32,767 Unicode file path length. You can also configure your cloud backups to create any imaginable file size that fits in your account (our software also supports resuming uploads and downloads if your internet connection breaks), and file versioning and cleanup can be also be configured to suit your needs. For example, as long as your cloud account is large enough, you could configure your cloud backups to keep all file versions, forever, even if the original file is deleted at some point.

What is the BackupChain Cloud?

BackupChain Backup to Cloud is a secure, high-speed, safe, and scalable cloud offsite backup and disaster recovery system for your files and virtual machines.

  • Back up and restore everything from anywhere: your files, databases, Exchange, Hyper-V, SQL server to the BackupChain cloud
  • Restore quickly and easily: files, databases, and entire virtual machines
  • Fully integrated into BackupChain Backup Software
  • For most users, the BackupChain Cloud is the best value available

Why BackupChain Backup to Cloud?

Simple, All-in-one Solution

Simply clone your local backup task and change target settings to use the cloud and you’re done. Restore from anywhere even on new servers. Restore via an FTP client is also possible with limitations.

3-2-1 Data Protection

The 3-2-1 strategy of data protection recommends creating three backups: two local backups on different media and one offsite backup.


BackupChain cloud service is fully integrated into BackupChain.

Eliminates Tape Backups

Up to 75% of small business organizations experience a tape failure yearly. You could use cloud backups to mitigate tape risks, too.


Additional Information

Note that a BackupChain license is required in order to access a hosting plan and each server requires a separate hosting account. An FTPS interface is available for recovery purposes only. Please allow 1-3 business days to have your account set up. A representative will be contacting you with all access information required.

Our hosting center is located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

How Secure Will My Data Be?

Your data and data transfers are secured using military-strength encryption (government-approved safe AES-256 encryption) before leaving your server and remain encrypted on our servers.

Why our clients choose BackupChain: “[…]Why I recommend your product to so many people: The value of the support offered is among the two best I have ever seen from any company in any tech product I have usedYadin Flammer, Sen. Systems Administrator, Pennsylvania State University (September 2015), a delighted BackupChain client since 2011