How to Set up File Versioning using BackupChain

When setting the 'Versions to Keep' parameter to two different versions (incremental) it is not removing the old delta files.  How can I set up the program to automatically delete the files or phase them out?  When is this supposed to happen and how does this work?

BackupChain removes old versions when it is safe to do remove them. In case of ZIP file backups without delta compression BackupChain will clean up old versions as soon as the number of "Versions to Keep" setting has been reached. However, incremental and differential delta compression involves a dependency between file versions because one version depends on another.

To resolve the issue, reduce the setting 'Recreate Full Delta After N Versions' to the same number as Versions to Keep. For example, by recreating a full delta every two backup cycles, BackupChain will be able to delete older versions straightaway.