Network Backup Connection Problems

Error: Login error. A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated (1312)

If you encounter this error, try the following.

1. The user name should be entered using this pattern:


Example: megacorp\administrator

2. If the target PC is not member of a domain enter the user name like this:


Example: SAMSPC\sam

3. If that doesn't help, create a new dedicated admin user on both machines without password expiration, same name and password,
and run the FastNeuron BackupChain service as that user (using the Log On setting in the Service Manager).
It may be simpler to join the target machine to the domain if that's possible.

4. Last resort would be to reboot the target computer to clear any 'dead' network connections


5. Local logon rights may be necessary for the user when trying to connect from one domain to another (or from a domain to a PC outside the domain's trust).

6. Finally, the domain's security policy may be causing this error:


Please contact support if you have network problems, we're glad to help.