Command-line Access S3, FTP, Wasabi, SFTP, Cloud Drive Windows

Do you need command-line access for Amazon S3 bucket, FTP, SFTP, Wasabi bucket, or any compatible cloud drive storage? You found the right tool! DriveMaker maps a drive letter or network drive to your cloud drive or cloud storage. With DriveMaker, you can access your cloud storage from any application, including the command prompt, PowerShell, […]

Image Backup for Hyper-V, VMware, OS, VirtualBox, System, Physical

BackupChain is an affordable, reliable, and customizable virtual machine and physical server backup software for Windows Server 2022 – 2008, Windows 11 – 7, and Azure Stack HCI, made specifically for IT professionals. BackupChain provides physical disk image backup, Hyper-V image backup, VMware image backup, and Windows Server backup, at a much lower price than […]

Hyper-V Replica Pros and Cons

Each technology has its pros and cons and Hyper-V Replica is no exception. In this article we compare BackupChain virtual machine replication with Hyper-V Replica. Both technologies have some overlap and common use scenarios but differ in how they work. Hyper-V Replica Pros and Cons Hyper-V Replica is integrated in Hyper-V. It can be quite […]

Discounts for Schools: Cloud Backup, Storage, Backup Solution

Use Our Automated Backup Software “BackupChain” to Protect Your School’s PCs and Server Data. Is your I.T. infrastructure sufficiently protected against data loss, such as computer failure, fire, flood, ransomware, and cyberattacks? Depending on your school’s IT arrangement, this simple question may be indeed hard to answer, but this is exactly where we can help […]

6 Common Cloud Backup Storage Pitfalls You Should Know

You may have heard about many different cloud backup storage providers in the media. But when we look closely, there are some big differences that you need to be aware of. The differences between cloud plans could make a huge difference in your long-term charges. How Will You Use Your Cloud Plan? Are you planning […]

Backup Software with Portable and Perpetual Licensing

BackupChain is a PC and Windows Server backup solution that is offered as a portable and perpetual license. This means by purchasing a BackupChain license, you may use it for as long as you want (perpetual / lifetime) and the license may be moved to a new computer (portable). BackupChain comes with a one or […]

How to Convert OpenSSH Keys to RSA for DriveMaker SFTP Access

If you want to map a real drive letter in Windows to your remote SFTP site using DriveMaker Freeware, you might run into an issue with the SSH keys, depending on their internal format. Please check the contents of your key file with Notepad and if your SSH keys begin with —–BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY—– […]

VMware Cloud backup

VMware cloud backup doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. Have a look at our small business cloud backup plans for VMware and other platforms. If you do have the servers and internet connection needed to host your own cloud, BackupChain contains all the software you need to set up your own secure […]