FTP Backup using BackupChain®

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FTP backup is not a new concept as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been around since the mid 1980s. FTP backup utilizes a dedicated remote server that will host the FTP backup files.

As the only solution on the market to offer a built-in FTP server, BackupChain enables users to quickly set up their own secure FTP backup network; however, BackupChain also works with all standard FTP servers.

BackupChain compresses and sends files that have changed via FTP based on a scheduled task, a manual backup run, or continuously in the background.  What makes BackupChain special is its ability to detect file content changes between versions. By sending only file changes via FTP, you can even back up entire hard drives in minutes rather than hours.

BackupChain is the only backup tool on the market with FTP-based deduplication.

Incremental Backups of Large Virtual Machines and Databases via FTP

BackupChain contains specialized FTP backup technology that performs in-file delta compression via FTP. This technology is specifically useful if you want to back up files to an existing FTP hosting service because no software changes are required on the server side. Simply install BackupChain on the client, select an FTP backup target, enter the FTP user credentials and you are ready to go!

You can combine BackupChain's Hyper-V protection and VMware protection features to back up virtual machines via FTP.

Benefit from the Built-in FTP Server or an Internet Hosting Service

An online FTP hosting company will typically charge you per GB per month and also limit the traffic (or charge extra after a certain traffic limit). Using BackupChain's built-in FTP server you can set up and host your own FTP server to receive files from other BackupChain installations and save money.

FTP File Transfer: Fully Automatic FTP File Backups

BackupChain contains an FTP client that connects to FTP and FTPS servers and automatically backs up your files. BackupChain preserves the file date and time information and is also capable of performing large file in-file delta operations via FTP, also known as file version differencing (only file content changes are transmitted).

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