BackupChain Editions

All purchases are backed with a 110% Money-Back Guarantee:

  • Available Editions: Platinum, Server Enterprise, Server, & Professional
  • Licenses are perpetual, not a subscription, and available with volume discounts, see price lists below for license packs.
  • Installation: You need one license for each installation. BackupChain is licensed per PC/server/host, not per VM. You can back up an unlimited number of VMs with all editions of BackupChain
  • Pricing: Click on your region’s price list link underneath comparison table
From our users:

“…Just wanted to let you know that I love using BackupChain. It has saved me a couple times already.Dave Skoczylas, U.S. Department of Education, 85 BackupChain Enterprise Servers in operation

Available In All Editions:

Professional Edition Server Edition Server Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition
Perpetual license, not a subscription yes yes yes yes
Backs Up an Unlimited Number of VMs,
Files, Databases. No Volume Limitations
yes yes yes yes
File Backup with Versioning (Example)
Network Backup (Example)
Database Backups
yes yes yes yes
Unlimited Hyper-V Backup incl. CSV
Fully automatic, backs up all VMs on one server with one license
on Windows Server 2019 – 2008
and Windows 10 – 8
Folder-based Method
(No Hyper-V tab*)
yes yes yes
Cloud Backup
and Remote Backup Functionality
See Bundle Offer See Bundle Offer See Bundle Offer See Bundle Offer
VMware Server and VMware Workstation Backup yes yes yes yes
VirtualBox, Virtual Server Backup yes yes yes yes
FTP Backups + Built-in FTP + FTPS Server yes yes yes yes
Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP yes yes yes yes
Deduplication (Incremental & Differential Backups), Scheduled Tasks,
Compression, Encryption, Email Alerts, HTML Reports,
Open Standard Backup Formats, File Exclusion Rules, Version Backup, Locked File Backup,
ACL backups, Backup Speed Throttling, Detailed Backup Logs
yes yes yes yes


Differences Between Editions:

Professional Edition Server Edition Server Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition
Runs on Windows Server 2019,
Windows Server 2016,
Windows Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2,Windows Server 2003, Hyper-V Server, and Core Installations
no yes yes yes
Free Product Tour & Installation no yes yes yes
Granular Backup for Virtual Machines (Example, Info) no no yes yes
Granular Restore for Virtual Machines (Example) no no yes yes
Disk Imaging Features:

Bare-metal recovery
Disk to Disk Copy, Disk Cloning
Disk Image Backup, Full System Backup
P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V Conversions

no no yes yes
CPU Cores Used for Backups Backup uses only 2 CPU cores* Backup uses only 2 CPU cores* All = Faster Backups All = Faster Backups
Technical Support (Live Chat, Email, Phone)
Available in: English, Deutsch
Plus Support Priority B
24 hours / day, 365 days a year,
includes Full Service Plan
Plus Support Priority A
Pricing and Available License Packs
(U.S. page applies to all regions not listed)
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Note: Volume discounts and license packs are available in the price lists linked above.

“After trying many applications that were either too bloated, too unreliable, too resource heavy, my search is over. I needed something to keep periodic snapshots of multiple development environments and BackupChain was the answer. It’s is simple, powerful and extremely reliable. Highly recommended.
Kent Miller, Director of Information Technology, (January 2017)See our customer list and what they wrote about BackupChain

* The two CPU core limitation means you can configure up to 2 deduplication workers or 2 simultaneous file backups in each backup task. It also means that BackupChain won’t use more than 2 CPU cores, even if you have 100; however, you don’t have to buy the Enterprise Edition for a server just because it has more than 2 CPU cores. Licensing is not tied to number of CPUs available.

* “No Hyper-V tab” in Professional Editions. If you are using the Professional Edition to back up Hyper-V on Windows 10 or 8, note that Hyper-V snapshots / checkpoints will not be automatically restored by BackupChain. If your VMs contain Hyper-V Snapshots/Checkpoints on Windows 10 / 8, either delete them and refrain from using checkpoints, or switch to a BackupChain Server Edition instead, which provides full backup and restore support for Hyper-V Checkpoints.

Granular Backup is the ability to back up files stored inside a virtual machine from the host without using agent software. Granular Restore is a feature that allows users to directly
restore individual files and folders stored inside virtual machine backups without restoring the entire virtual disk. BackupChain supports VDI, VHD, VHDX, and VMDK formats.

Tech. Support Priority B: A tech support engineer will be assigned and assist you during emergencies using the remote control product of your choice. Response time: 4 hours, during regular business hours only. After 15 minutes of actual assistance, not including the time required to communicate the issue, a charge of $65/hour applies, charged hourly. Should such charges become necessary they will be negotiated in advance.
Furthermore, in the very unlikely scenario that you have identified a software bug that necessitates a time-critical tech support response, you can rest assured that we will attend to it asap and resolve the issue at no charge.

Tech. Support Priority A: As in Priority B, but with a response time of 30 minutes, availability: 24 hours a day. No additional charges apply. No limitations on duration and frequency.


BackupChain Licensing

We offer an unconditional 110% money-back guarantee on all purchases for 90 days*. Furthermore, our product and tech support are backed by a Best Value Guarantee*.

Licensing is simple: BackupChain is licensed separately for each installation and does not limit the number of files or virtual machines that can be backed up.
Only one license is required when BackupChain is installed on a virtual machine host, regardless of the number of virtual machines on that server.

How to Purchase BackupChain

BackupChain purchases are available online by using the pricing tables below. Each BackupChain Edition has its own pricing list and volume discounts. We accept credit cards, PayPal, purchase orders, government purchases, U.S. checks, and wire transfers.

Existing customers, please note our renewal and upgrade information and feel free to contact us at or call (1-800-906-5150, or for callers outside the USA: +1 443-203-2352).

License Renewals and Upgrades

License renewals and upgrades are handled by our sales department manually and are discounted off current list price. Renewals are priced at 25% of the current list price and upgrades at 50%. You may renew for multiple years and benefit from additional savings. Please email or call (1-800-906-5150, or for callers outside the USA: +1 443-203-2352) and let us know which existing licenses you wish to renew or upgrade. If you don’t have this information available, please add the name or email of the person who purchased the licenses. License numbers may be retrieved in the software using Help->About.

A formal PDF quote is available upon request. Accepted payments: wire, U.S. checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders for government and corporate purchases paid by credit card, U.S. check, or bank wire transfer. Please contact or call 1-800-906-5150 to receive a formal quote. Note that government and non-profit discounts are available.

Additional Information

Use the above PayPal button to purchase directly from us (FastNeuron Inc.) using PayPal. In most countries you can also pay via PayPal bank transfer in case your organization does not use credit cards. All licenses are perpetual. Cloud backup plans are available here.

Installation and Consultation Services

BackupChain installation services and backup strategy consultation services are available. Please contact sales.

DriveMaker Licenses

DriveMaker is freeware. DriveMaker Plus may be purchased here.

Money-Back Guarantee and Best Value Guarantee

110% Money-Back Guarantee: We offer a 110% money guarantee on all purchases. The guarantee is limited to $100 above purchase price. A 20-day, fully functional and risk free trial of BackupChain is available on our download page.

Best-Value Guarantee: we guarantee you won’t find a product with the same feature set and tech service level as BackupChain anywhere at same price level. In addition, our volume discounts are also unmatched by competitors.