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BackupChain is an affordable, reliable, and customizable virtual machine and physical server backup software for Windows Server 2022 – 2008, Windows 11 – 7, and Azure Stack HCI, made specifically for IT professionals. BackupChain provides physical disk image backup, Hyper-V image backup, VMware image backup, and Windows Server backup, at a much lower price than other backup solutions. Apart from image backup, BackupChain offers a variety of image conversion features that allow physical to virtual, virtual to physical, and many virtual machine conversions. Our reliable backup software is perpetually licensed (lifetime license) and the entire BackupChain team is based 100% in the USA. We take great pride in providing you with personal and responsive tech support whenever you need it.

Image Backup for Hyper-V

BackupChain offers very efficient backup for Hyper-V: VMs may be backed up sequentially or simultaneously into deduplicated and compressed images. The deduplication technology can save up to 95% of storage space with incremental backups. Instead of imaging the entire disk or RAID array, you can image each Hyper-V VM separately as well. This offers many advantages, such as being able to back up and restore each VM selectively and on different schedules. Hyper-V Image Backup can be done to a variety of formats. You can choose to keep the native format (VHD or VHDX) or compress to open standard formats, such as ZIP, or use the fastest and most space-saving option: deduplication.

Image Backup for VMware

VMware image backup is another popular feature in BackupChain. Backups for VMware can also benefit from deduplication where you could save to over 95% of storage space when backing up incrementally over time, or you could use ZIP or native backup file formats. Each VMware VM can be backed up individually or you could back them up altogether in complete backup.

Image Backup for Operating System Disks, RAID, Physical Windows Servers, and PCs

BackupChain also offers complete disk image backup but also disk cloning. Both system disk imaging and disk cloning work on operating system disks, RAID arrays, as well as data disks. The technology skips free sectors automatically to save time and storage space. Unique to BackupChain is that you can use the disk clone side-by-side with the original and you can boot from the cloned drive on the same system. Whether you want RAID backup or Windows Server backup, any physical disk or disk array can be disk imaged or cloned, either to another physical disk or to a virtual disk image.

Image Backup for Oracle VirtualBox

BackupChain is also used by many IT professionals who need Oracle VirtualBox Image backup. Similar to the features for Hyper-V and VMware, there are many ways to back up your VirtualBox VMs. By far the fastest and most space-saving way to back up Oracle VirtualBox VMs is to use deduplication. Savings of up to 95% are possible with incremental deduplication, which BackupChain handles automatically. However, you can also keep virtual disk images in their original format or use open-standard compression formats, such as ZIP or 7-zip.

Image Backup Conversion to Virtual Machines

Often the need arises to move virtual machines from Hyper-V to VMware or to Oracle VirtualBox, or vice versa. BackupChain offers various tools to accomplish that in the Server Enterprise and Platinum editions. You can easily convert your virtual machines from one platform to another, for example, convert a Hyper-V VM to VMware, or convert the disk backup image of a physical server to a virtual machine hosted on Hyper-V, VMware, or Oracle VirtualBox.

Benefits of Image Backup

Image backup is the sector-by-sector representation of the disk contents written to a disk image file. Because image backup works at the disk sector level, it bypasses the file system and hence is not affected by any file system overhead. Whether you use a Linux VM or a Windows VM doesn’t matter when you take a virtual image backup of the VM. The image backup will contain the entire VM contents, no matter what they are, even if the VM uses an encrypted file system. Hyper-V image backups, for example, may be restored on any other Hyper-V host, so you are free to restore anywhere at any time without issues. Image backups are popular because of their portability, completeness, and excellent I/O performance.

Backup Software Overview

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