Receive a Discount On Your BackupChain Purchase with BackupChain Rewards


Beginning in Feb 2014 we offer a discount of 20% of purchase price, at least $25 and a max. of $500, to new as well as existing customers.
If you have already purchased BackupChain, we offer cash back of above amounts via PayPal.

What is BackupChain Rewards?

BackupChain Rewards is our way of paying you back for doing a little creative work on the side for FastNeuron. You can earn $25 up to $500 (20% of purchase price) for posting a short, sweet video on Facebook and/or YouTube telling the world how much you like our backup software.

What's the deal? You receive a discount or cash (for existing purchase) and we get some publicity.

Interested? Here are our Reward rules:

  • Your promo video has to be, minimum, 15 seconds long. Naturally if you want to go on forever about how much you love BackupChain, go ahead! If you don't want to make a video you could write a blog post, online presentation, or a short 250 word article on your company website with backlink to
  • The video doesn't have to be made with a camera. You could use CamStudio or some other desktop screen recorder. You may use subtitles instead of sound.
  • We prefer English videos; however, any language is fine. Please offer us a short translation
  • You need to upload the video to Facebook or YouTube and notify us via email (
  • Please mention "BackupChain" at least once in the video, blog post, or web page, and in its title.
  • Your video can be serious, funny, informative, or, really, whatever you want it to be. Please try not to make us look evil ;-)
  • Limited to one video per customer company. If you are affiliated with several companies (for example if you are an IT service provider) you may create one video for each customer site where you use BackupChain.
  • If you do all that and you've already purchased BackupChain, we'll send you money; otherwise you'll receive a coupon with your discount. Promise.
  • Triple promise on the money / coupon thing.
  • Buy BackupChain or use trial version download with intention to buy
  • Post a video, blog post, online presentation, or page on your company website. Use the word BackupChain in title and post text, about 250 words if choose to write.
  • Articles, blog posts, and the like should backlink to and mention "BackupChain" in title and post.
  • Be yourself, be honest, and give the reader / viewer some basic product information.
  • Let us know where you posted it via email (, and we'll send you a coupon for $25 up to a max of $500 (20% of purchase price)! If you have already purchased, we'll refund the amount using PayPal
  • The discount is to reimburse you for your time and efforts, not to "buy" an opinion or referral.
  • The video / presentation / blog post is also an opportunity to drive traffic to your company site, since all entries will be cross-linked from several social media sites.

Here's a sample post we received by a customer:

  • Write about how your company and team uses BackupChain. Tell the reader about your company if you want.
  • Explain why you like product so much without sounding like a salesperson
  • If you make a video, show off your data center or server room
  • Use CamStudio or some other free application to create a video from your PC's screen

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