Suspending a VM Before Backup in VMware Workstation

Instead of a VMware live backup you could also suspend VMs before backing them up and start them as soon as the backup completes. In BackupChain‘s Options tab use the External Utilities section as shown below:   The above example uses the VMRUN.EXE utility that ships with VMware Workstation (also VMware Server 2.0). We use […]

Can I Back up VMware ESX / ESXi?

ESX and ESXi backups are not supported in v2.4 and below.  BackupChain needs to run on top of Windows and can back up hypervisors that run on top of Windows, such as VMware Workstation VMware Server 2 VMware Player VirtualBox Hyper-V Please contact our helpline to request more information.

Backup of VMs to External Drives: Common Pitfalls

Lots and lots of smaller companies use BackupChain to back up VMs to USB drives as it allows for very simple drive rotation (no configuration is necessary when drives are rotated). When backing up virtual machines to external drives, such as USB drives, there are a couple things to watch out for. First, you need […]

How Should I Back Up VMware Workstation?

VMware Workstation isn’t quite a server-grade beast; however, we have thousands of BackupChain installations taking care of VMware Workstation and VMware Server successfully. Now when it comes to backing up VMware Workstation it’s really important to do some tweaking in the system so everything runs smoothly. Recommended reading: VMware Workstation Speed-Up, How to Fix Slow […]

Is Granular Backup as Good as Running a Backup Inside the VM?

Granular Backup is an innovation of ours and uses the same VSS mechanisms as a full backup. It should give you the same file perspective as being inside the VM. Thus it saves you time and money and nothing needs to be installed/managed inside the VM. Probably because it saves you money you won’t find […]