Cleanup Settings for Virtual Machine Backups

In this article we discuss the Traditional Incremental Backup Scheme, and important concept in Backup Engineering, and how it relates to the cleanup of virtual machine backups. The first section of this article discusses the theory behind the incremental backup scheme and the last few slides show the cleanup in action, depicted over several backup […]

Can I Backup Files in their Native Format?

In order to back up files in their native format, simply switch off deduplication in the Deduplication tab. Uncheck the option “Activate Deduplication (Delta Compression), and switch off data compression in the Compression tab by unchecking “Turn on compression to save space”. See Backup Software Without Compression Option: As-Is File Backup.

Can I Move the Backup Folder?

Yes, the backup folder may be moved when the backup is not running. Please stop the backup and disable the task first and then ensure that all files are moved, beginning with the backup’s root folder. You will see subfolders, such as C_ or , in the root folder, as well as several BackupChain.config* files. […]

What is the FastNeuronDelta file extension?

FastNeuronDelta is the proprietary file format for deduplicated file backup chains. A backup chain consists of one full backup and N incremental or differential backups (deltas) that follow and depend on it. The file name extensions are as follows: .1.FastNeuronDelta files are full (compressed and optionally encrypted) file copies .0.FastNeuronDelta files are increments or differentials […]

How to Exclude Files by File Extention from Backups

To exclude files of a certain type from backups, use the File Versioning/Cleanup tab, and if the extension is not already there, click the Add button and enter the extension in the following format. For example: you would enter *.pst to set up a rule for PST files. Then set ‘number of backups to keep’ […]

Task Chaining With or Without Wait Option

The Options tab offers a feature called Task Chaining, which allows the configuration of a task to follow the current task: When Should the Wait  Option be Used? Typically when you chain tasks, it’s done to avoid overlapping tasks and to avoid having to wait in between tasks unnecessarily. When a chain of task a+b+c […]

How to Exclude Certain Folders and Files From Backups

In order to exclude folders and files from a backup, use the Exclusions tab. The Exclusions tab offers various ways a folder or file can be excluded:   The top two boxes allow users to enter specific files and folders to be excluded. The third field ‘exclude files and folders containing this text…’ allows names […]

How to Backup Files with Unicode File Names

Backing up files with Unicode file names is fully supported in BackupChain and there is no need to configure anything. Full Unicode support is provided by BackupChain for file names up to 32,768 characters long. This makes BackupChain a perfect tool to back up very large file servers with deep folder structures, even over the network (network […]

Network Backups: Common Pitfalls

First of all make sure the network drive is NTFS formatted. If it is not, there will be critical limitations, depending on the file system used. NTFS allows paths to reach over 32,000 letters, whereas Linux file systems don’t. Linux file systems have different file size limits and file name limits (not just full path […]

How to Set Up a Plain File Backup Copy

Plain file backup is basically a straight copy job. In the New Task Wizard in BackupChain the option is called “no processing” because no compression, encryption, or deduplication is being used (see link to step-by-step article at bottom). A great bonus in BackupChain is you can keep more than one copy of each file, if […]

How Should I use Granular Backup?

You don’t have to use Granular Backup to back up everything; it’s there for added flexibility and value. Most users create two or more tasks, one for the full backup, whether compressed / deduped or not. The other one runs more frequently and backs up only specific folders from inside the VM, via Granular Backup. […]

Does BackupChain Back Up and Restore Folder / File Permissions?

Yes BackupChain has the option to back up and restore file and folder permissions, so-called ACLs. You’ll find the backup option in the Options tab, box “Access Control Lists”. When restoring, at the very end of the restore screen where you enter the target folder, click ‘advanced options’. You’ll see an option there to restore […]