USB Backup for IT ADMINS: BackupChain ®

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High-Performance Backup for all External Storage Devices

  • BackupChain stores your files compressed and deduplicated to external hard drives, USB flash drives, and USB sticks
  • Full support for all USB speeds, eSATA, FireWire, RAID, as well as internal drives, FTP, FTPS/FTPES, and network drives.
  • The only USB tool on the market with Delta Compression

Fully Configurable disaster recovery

  • Professional backup program with a simple interface. See our Beginner Tutorial.
  • Save space and time by backing up changed file contents only (so-called in-file delta or delta compression)
  • Create a frequent and efficient backup of virtual machines, databases, and other large files. Using the built-in FTP client and server, you can even send and receive files over the Internet.
  • Configure the number of versions you want to keep depending on file type and location.
  • Compress specific files the way you want (in-file delta compression, ZIP, gz, etc.)

Powerful USB Hard Drive Backup

  • Efficient handling large files over 4 GB using delta compression, ZIP, or other compression.
  • Capable of handling very long (32768 letters) file and paths, even when using ZIP
  • Supports all international languages in file names (Unicode)
  • Backs up open files in the background, even Windows and program files.
  • Runs as in the background as a Windows service
  • Back up your virtual machines (for example Hyper-V) to a USB drive