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How to Fix VSS Error 12344: An error was encountered while Registry Writer

If you have encountered a strange error Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) error with ID 12344, see details below: Volume Shadow Copy Error: An error 0x00000000c000014d was encountered while Registry Writer was preparing the registry for a shadow copy. Check the Application and System event logs for any related errors. Operation: OnFreeze event Freeze Event Context: […]

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Upgrade Notification and Icon

This article shows the steps needed to turn off and get rid of one of the worst nag screens in PC history: “Upgrade to Windows 10″. And there is no ‘no, thank you” button! It’s so annoying, some people say it’s as bad as a virus. Well at least it gives us a taste of […]

How to Fix ID 10102 VMMS: Failed to create the backup of virtual machine

This article summarizes the steps needed to fix the error ID 10102, Hyper-V VMMS (Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-VMMS) “Failed to create the backup of virtual machine”. There are various reasons why this error may occur: Virtual machine files are stored in root folders of a drive or mounted folder. If that’s the case please move all Hyper-V virtual […]

Windows 10 (Final) Download Link Enterprise Trial / Evaluation

Download the final release of Windows 10 Enterprise (July 29, 2015), directly from Microsoft: The ISO name is: 10240.16384.150709-1700.TH1_CLIENTENTERPRISE_S_EVAL_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO A Windows 10 product key is not necessary for this evaluation CD. BackupChain Features BackupChain backup software is a Windows Server product that is now available for Windows PC backup as well. Our cloud storage […]

Hyper-V Backup to NAS: Synology, Qnap, Netgear, Drobo, Buffalo

Whether or not you are using our Hyper-V backup solution, if you are planning on purchasing a NAS backup (Synology, Qnap, Netgear, Drobo, Buffalo, etc.) device to serve as a target for Hyper-V NAS backup, below are a few NAS product features to consider before purchasing the NAS and when setting things up with your […]

Hyper-V Fixed Disks: Pros and Cons

This article outlines some considerations when using fixed disks for Hyper-V and fixed disk Hyper-V backup. Performance of Fixed Disks at Run-time Fixed-sized VHDX are great building blocks for VMs as they greatly reduce overhead in Hyper-V. Assuming you refrain from using Hyper-V checkpoints, disk access to fixed disks is always linear. In addition, neighboring […]

Hyper-V Pass-through Disk: Pros and Cons

Pass-through disks in Hyper-V are touted to offer better performance; however, the speed advantage is rather minimal and below 5% compared to a fixed-sized VHDX. When using pass-through disks one needs to be aware of a couple of disadvantages: Exclusive Use Pass-through disks are under exclusive use by the VM, even though the access is […]

Hyper-V Dynamic Disk Pros and Cons

Dynamic disks in Hyper-V may be a bad choice under certain circumstances, especially for Hyper-V backup and for general performance reasons. First of all we need to distinguish between dynamic disks and dynamically expanding disks. Dynamically expanding disks are VHDX files that grow over time. Hyper-V uses them internally also for checkpoints  (a.k.a. snapshots) of […]