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How to Convert OpenSSH Keys to RSA for DriveMaker SFTP Access

If you want to map a real drive letter in Windows to your remote SFTP site using DriveMaker Freeware, you might run into an issue with the SSH keys, depending on their internal format. Please check the contents of your key file with Notepad and if your SSH keys begin with —–BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY—– […]

VMware Cloud backup

VMware cloud backup doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. Have a look at our small business cloud backup plans for VMware and other platforms. If you do have the servers and internet connection needed to host your own cloud, BackupChain contains all the software you need to set up your own secure […]

How to Check Hard Disk Health Without Downtime

Especially if you are using a Windows Server in a production environment, you would definitely want to check the health of your hard disks without downtime. After all, most servers are “always-on” with only few opportunities to take a server offline; however, there are several ways you can check on your hard drives without having […]

BackupChain®: The Time Machine for Windows

Go back in time and restore your old files using BackupChain Download Buy BackupChain allows you to go back in time and restore old versions of your files, it’s like a time machine for Windows. BackupChain has been optimized to handle large files of all types, such as virtual machines, databases, or just simple documents […]

BackupChain is American Backup Software, 100% Made in USA

We hereby certify that our BackupChain Backup Software product, and all other software products and supporting services we offer, are based in the USA.  BackupChain is American Backup Software, 100% Made in USA. Our company is self-funded and all employees and external contractors are U.S. tax payers. FastNeuron Inc. is an American corporation based in Baltimore, […]

Backup Verification and Validation: Use Self Validating Backups

BackupChain®: Backup Software and Toolset Made for IT Professionals BackupChain backup software is an all-in-one solution for Windows Servers and PCs and contains sophisticated backup verification and backup validation tools to ensure that your backups are functional long before you will need to restore. BackupChain’s backup verification features protect against many causes of backup data […]