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OneDrive Backup Software for Windows PCs and Servers

Backing up OneDrive is crucial because only backups can protect your business from accidental deletions, malware, ransomware, and even employee vandalism. OneDrive is hosted by Microsoft online and exposed to more threats than local storage. However, with our backup software toolset for Windows Server and Windows 10, you can protect the files in OneDrive just […]

Low-Cost Backup Software and Cloud Storage Solution

If you are looking for a good value backup solution and low-cost cloud storage solution, you will find that our all-in-one PC and Windows Server backup software BackupChain offers multiple unique savings over other offerings. There are indeed multiple ways that BackupChain saves you money; in the short term, as well as in the long-term. […]

Backup Software Without Compression Option: As-Is File Backup

If you are looking for a backup software without compression, for example, if want your backup folder to contain the files ready to use without having to decompress them, you came to the right place. One of the many reasons why our PC and server backup solution BackupChain is so popular with IT pros, is […]

Backup Software with Deduplication for Data, VM, Database Backup

If you are looking for a backup solution that offers deduplication, you will be surprised that our server backup software BackupChain offers various deduplication mechanisms in all editions, even for PCs. BackupChain’s unique deduplication method works at the file-level and ensures your backups use only minimal storage space. In addition, when backing up to remote […]

Backup Software with Encryption for Windows 11, Windows Server 2022

If you are looking for a secure backup solution that offers encryption to protect your data, you found the right tool. Our PC and Windows Server backup solution BackupChain® offers various security features to ensure your backups are secured against tampering and unauthorized access. BackupChain offers the following security features: Files, databases, virtual machines, and […]