How to Clone a Virtual Machine: Clone VM using BackupChain®

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BackupChain Is a Specialized Virtual Machine Backup Solution

Using BackupChain you can clone virtual machines and run a VM clone on the same host or restore the clone VM on a new host. Virtual machine backup is combined with the cloning functionality so that you can choose whether you want to restore a virtual machine as a new machine (clone) or whether you want to restore the VM clone with its original identity and name.

BackupChain was developed to meet the data protection needs of advanced users and IT professionals. It has been optimized to handle virtual machines, databases, simultaneous high-volume backups, and millions of files. It also backs up your system and supports live backups of Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware, Access, Firebird, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, and other services. 

Automatic Virtual Machine Backup on Workstations and Servers

Powerful Server Backup Modules

  • BackupChain detects what has changed inside a file and only stores the changes. (In-file delta or delta compression)
  • Because only file differences are backed up, you can back up virtual machines, databases, and other large files using less space. This feature also makes backups to a online location more efficient.
  • Backup SQL databases without stopping the database server.
  • Efficient backup of large files larger than 4GB
  • Support for ultra-long (32768 characters) file and path names, even with ZIP compression
  • Support for international file names (Unicode file names)
  • BackupChain also supports eSATA external hard disks and other backup peripheral media.
  • Purchase includes one or two year update subscription.
  • Also included: lifetime developer support

Lifetime Support for Peace of Mind

The BackupChain team is personally committed to providing the best service possible. Should you run into any problems with our software, please email or talk directly with the developers of BackupChain based in Baltimore, MD, USA.

 T: 1-844-717-5612 Email: Office hours: M-F 9 AM- 5 PM (EDT)

BackupChain support

High-Performance Server Backup to External Hard Drives, Network Drives, and FTP

BackupChain performs fast differential backups to USB drives, network drives, and FTP. The built-in FTP backup server permits receiving backups from another computer.
To meet the needs of growing small and medium-sized companies, BackupChain contains specialized proprietary technology to handle millions of files and so-called "in-file deltas". Delta compression is ideal for large files, such as databases and virtual hard drives, because only file changes are stored rather than the entire file. BackupChain is the only solution available that provides deduplication (delta compression), which greatly minimizes bandwidth and storage allocation.

Secure Remote Backup for Servers and Desktops -- You Own Both Sides

  • Set up and control your own online backup solution using the built-in FTP server. Running your own server at another site eliminates FTP hosting costs and your data is stored on your own computers.
  • Send your files to any other PC running BackupChain or any FTP hosting site on the Internet.
  • Back up your office files to your home computer and vice-versa.
  • Synchronize your servers and Workstations at several office locations.
  • Protect your digital property with secure transmission (FTPS) and military-strength encryption (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

Configurable File Versioning

  • Configure the exact number of versions you want to keep in your backup depending on the file type and file location.
  • Compress specific types of files the way you want (in-file delta, zip, rar, gz, etc.)
  • Specify different settings for different folders and file type
  • Specify specific file types to omit

Application and System Backup and Open File Handling

  • BackupChain handles locked files of any type.
  • You can back up databases while the database server is online (Microsoft SQL Server, etc.)
  • Back up live virtual machines on Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Virtual Server, VMware, and other virtualization platforms.
  • Applications and system files can be processed while they are running.