How to Back up Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup There are two ways to back up SQL Server database. One way to use a VSS-powered hot copy of the database files (MDF, LDF, etc.). Alternatively, you can use SQL Server’s BACKUP DATABASE command and then have BackupChain deduplicate the backup file.   Backup MDF and LDF Files Create a […]

Why Hard Drives Fail, Crash, Corrupt, and Click

Hard drives fail and crash and corrupt data all the time. The bigger hard drives get, the more likely it is it will fail during its “expected” lifespan. When you hear the hard drive click or make weird noises, it’s time to immediately back up everything! There are many ways a hard drive will tell […]

How to Install Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 / 2008 R2

Installing Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server is free and quite straightforward.   First you need to have a spare physical computer. Then, download the latest Hyper-V Server directly from Microsoft: The ISO file should then be burned on a DVD using a burner tool or Windows Disk Image Burner:     Then insert the DVD and […]