Things to Consider:Cluster Shared Volumes

Cluster Shared Volume backups are fully supported in BackupChain Server Edition and Server Enterprise Edition. It is recommended to limit read and write I/O speeds or to use separate network adapters for backup traffic, in order to keep the server network balanced. You may need to use the domain administrator account for your iSCSI provider […]

Automatic Hyper-V Backup on a Schedule

The automated Single Click Backup & Restore feature for Hyper-V reduces the effort and takes care of all the steps outlined in the previous section. Start with the Backup Wizard: Create a new Hyper-V Backup task: Select Automatic Hyper-V Backup and turn on CSV mode in case you are using cluster shared volumes: Then, select […]

How to Restore a File Based Backup of Hyper-V

To restore a Hyper-V virtual machine using the standard file restore process, select the backup task from the Backup Task List (unless restoring on a new machine) and select Restore from the main menu. Proceed with Restore Files and Folders: Then you need to fill in the details about the backup location. This information is […]

How to Create A File-based Backup of Hyper-V

The file-based approach is not recommended unless you are an advanced user. It is not recommended for cluster shared volumes. Most users should use the Automatic Hyper-V Backup feature instead, see next section below. Note that you can only back up live virtual machines when they are stored locally. Live backup does not work over […]

How to Backup and Restore Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Hyper-V virtual machines may be backed up using two different methods. One method is to back up Hyper-V’s files and folders manually. BackupChain also offers a fully automatic way to back up and restore your virtual machines.   Important: You need to have the Hyper-V Integration Services installed in your virtual machines.   Hyper-V Live […]

How to Configure a Hyper-V Granular Backup

Granular Backups are great for saving money and time because you can access all VM files from the host without installing agents. What Exactly Is Granular Backup? Granular backup is a feature in BackupChain that allows you to back up files and folders that are stored inside the VM. However, you don’t need to install […]

How to Back up Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup There are two ways to back up SQL Server database. One way to use a VSS-powered hot copy of the database files (MDF, LDF, etc.). Alternatively, you can use SQL Server’s BACKUP DATABASE command and then have BackupChain deduplicate the backup file.   Backup MDF and LDF Files Create a […]

Why Hard Drives Fail, Crash, Corrupt, and Click

Hard drives fail and crash and corrupt data all the time. The bigger hard drives get, the more likely it is it will fail during its “expected” lifespan. When you hear the hard drive click or make weird noises, it’s time to immediately back up everything! There are many ways a hard drive will tell […]