How Fix Invalid File Date Time Automatically

On some Linux-based network attached storage devices (NAS), such as Drobo, Synology, QNAP, etc, some users reported invalid file time stamps. It appears there is a Linux bug in the file system causing this issue. Sometimes this phenomenon appears to be related to file dates that are far in the future. It is possible that some NAS devices cannot handle the same date ranges as Windows NTFS; at least we were able to experimentally verify this is the case on some QNAP devices. However, the issue is seen in many different devices and the exact cause on each device may be different.

Symptom: The file date created, last written, or last access date time stamp values appear to be blank, zero, or set to some invalid date.

Our freeware File Date Repair Tool below takes care of such issues. It replaces the missing or invalid time stamp with one of the others availble.

For example, if the date created is missing, it uses the last date written to fix it. Worst case, it uses the current date if all time stamps are damaged.

Run it on the affected folder or on the root folder, as it scans all subfolders, too. By the way, if you haven’t yet tried our file backup software, check it out, too!


fix broken file date time stamps


Download the File Date Repair Tool here

Please note: the tool may appear to be unresponsive at times but it’s actually running. If you get a Windows message ‘not responding’, leave the program running.

The field “limit requests to” basically slows down the tool to avoid clogging your network during work hours. We hope you find this tool useful and welcome feedback and suggestions…and donations!


Please donate if you find this tool useful. All proceeds will be forwarded to a charity listed in our BackupChain Donation Program. Thank you!

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