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How to Fix Hyper-V Backup Errors

When you encounter an issue with just one VM failing, it’s almost certainly an issue inside the VM, not the host. That’s because any VSS-aware service inside a VM can break the Hyper-V backup cycle by vetoing. When all VMs fail to back up, it’s likely something on the host causing the failure. Please check […]

Self-hosted Google Drive, OneDrive, Carbonite, Amazon S3, DropBox

If you are looking for a self-hosted Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Carbonite, or Amazon S3 alternative, BackupChain has all the components you need to set this up yourself and save thousands of dollars per year by hosting a secure system yourself. Whether you want to share files online securely with team members or use cloud […]

Hyper-V Backup: Simple, Powerful, and Open Standard

BackupChain is a backup software toolset that is specifically made for IT professionals who need total control over their backups. BackupChain offers a plethora of backup options, yet is easy to use and install, and includes a centralized, task-oriented user interface. One of the major advantages of using BackupChain to backup Hyper-V is the freedom […]

Convert VHD files to VHDX, VMDK, VDI, and Physical Disk

Our backup software toolset includes disk imaging features with P2V, V2P, and a V2V converter which you can use to: Convert VHD to VHDX, for example in Hyper-V or to mount it directly Convert VHD to VMDK, to convert a Hyper-V virtual machine to VMware Convert VHD to VDI, to convert a Microsoft virtual machine to […]

RAID Backup Software for RAID Array Backup (0, 1, 5, 10)

Our Windows Server backup software runs on Windows Server 2022 – 2008, as well as PCs, and provides all-in-one protection for a complete server backup. Tens of thousands of IT professionals use BackupChain worldwide as their RAID backup software of choice and to reliably clone entire arrays to other RAID 0/1/5/10 arrays or to single disk drives. […]

V2V Converter & Backup for Hyper-V VMware VirtualBox

BackupChain®: Backup Software and Toolset Made for IT Professionals BackupChain’s backup software toolset contains a V2V converter for Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMware as part of its disk backup toolset. The V2V converter may be used as a final virtual to physical migration or you could schedule V2V conversions to occur on a schedule as a […]