Hyper-V Backup: Simple, Powerful, and Open Standard

BackupChain is a backup software specifically made for the IT professional who wants lots of backup options, easy installation, a task-oriented user interface, and the freedom to use open-standard file formats for his/her backups.

Below is our 3 minute video tutorial: “How to back up Hyper-V”. Create a backup task, select the VMs, specify the target storage and that’s it:

Hint: maximize the video and switch to HD for crystal clear quality.
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BackupChain Overview

The Best Backup Software in 2021
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The all-in-one Backup Solution for
Disk Image Backup
Drive Cloning and Disk Copy
Hyper-V Backup and VHD File Backups
VirtualBox Backup and VDI File Backups
VMware Backup and VMDK Backups
FTP Backup and Secure FTPS Backups
Cloud Backup and Remote Backups
File Server Backup and Data Backups