How to Fix 0x8007000e E_OUTOFMEMORY VSS Error

The Volume Shadow Copy Service error 0x8007000e E_OUTOFMEMORY

may occur in your logs as shown below:


	 Processing Writer 'Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer':

	    Adding this component: ......

	Creating shadow set  ...

	(Waiting for the asynchronous operation to finish...)

	(Waiting for the asynchronous operation to finish...)

	(Waiting for the asynchronous operation to finish...)

	Error during the last asynchronous operation.

	- Returned HRESULT = 0x8007000e

	- Error text: E_OUTOFMEMORY

	VSS snapshot creation failed with result: 8007000E


The above error may cause the Hyper-V backup software to fail.


This is due to one or more of the following reasons:

* Hyper-V dynamic memory is being used. When the backup is initiated, the host doesn't have enough resources to give to the VM. The VM process then vetoes and, hence, the backup fails.

* Check if Hyper-V Integration Services are up-to-date. This is crucial for dynamic memory processing but also for VSS host to guest communication. Also look at //

* Some anti-virus services and security apps may be causing this error. Try switching them off

* VolSnap errors may be causing this issue. Check system logs in the Event Viewer, also check out our guides:



If you find that VolSnap ran out of diff area candidates, follow these steps to increase the VSS limit: //

* Having too many VSS shadows in the system may be causing E_OUTOFMEMORY. Use the above link to access instructions on how to delete VSS shadows and disable the schedule that automatically creates them as part of Windows System Restore

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