How to Fix SQL Error: 18210, Severity: 16, Error 3041

When backing up a VM that runs SQL Server inside you may run into the following issue. The VM backup fails and the Event Viewer on the host reports a VSS writer inside the VM failed. Upon inspection of the VM’s Event Viewer and SQL Server’s logs you find: Error: 18210, Severity: 16 and Error […]

Copy Long Path Names and Deep Folders over 240 Characters

If you are stuck trying to back up or copy long path names over 240 characters long, you are not alone.   Did you know Windows NTFS supports nested, long paths and folders reaching well over 32,000 characters? And, Windows Explorer itself will produce errors when you are trying to work with deep folders over […]

Hyper-V Disadvantages: How Hyper-V Costs You

Microsoft uses an old but effective strategy of selling “interrelated components”. You want X to work? Then you need to buy A, B, C and spend a many work hours (and lots of dollars, too), only to find out: • Everything about A, B, and C before you understand how they work together • it doesn’t work: the […]

How to Delete All VSS Shadows and Orphaned Shadows

What Causes VSS Shadows to Stick? Deleting orphaned Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) shadows may be necessary from time to time for several reasons. A: You are using defect backup software or some scripts that don't clean up correctly. In that case follow instructions below and switch to BackupChain®. B: Your backup software crashes all […]

Virtual Machine Backup Software Guide & Tutorial Links

Virtual machine backup software is a new class of disaster recovery tools and deserves special attention. While some products are all-in-one backup software solutions, such as BackupChain, other tools may be for virtual backup only. We put together a list of virtual machine guides and how-to tutorials for your convenience that describe how to backup […]

18 Pros and Cons of External Hard Drives

In this detailed article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of external hard drives, connected via USB, eSATA, or Firewire. With the advent of USB 3, all modern PCs, servers, and laptops now offer a very simple interface for plugging in portable storage and as we summarize below, external hard drives are perfect for dozens […]

Bit Rot & Data Loss: Are You Aware of Its Damage Potential?

Bit rot is a very complex phenomenon. While most publications refer to hard drives and tapes, such as  and the reality is much worse because bit rot also affects RAM and CPUs. Damaged RAM can be quite difficult to spot, too.   How Damaged RAM can interfere with your data and affect your […]

How to Rollout Windows Updates Without Internet Connection

A big thank you to our customer Prince James, who recommended the following tool for offline Windows Update installation:     Portable Update, available at     Another alternative tool is: WSUS Offline Update, available at     Both tools allow you to download all current Windows Updates to a disk, folder, or […]