How to Fix Disk Signature Error PartMgr 58

The disk signature error "PartMgr" ID 58 may occur on its own or when a virtual machine backup is initiated.

You'll need to check whether there are disks that have the same disk signature.

In the case of Hyper-V, check if any of the VM disks inside the VM have the same disk signature as a host disk.

This error may occur as a result of a Disk2VHD P2V conversion.


The error usually shows up in the Event Viewer System logs:

	Log Name: System

	Source: partmgr

	Event ID: 58

	Task Category: None

	Level: Warning


	The disk signature of disk X is equal to the disk signature of disk Y.


To view the disk signature, open the command prompt as administrator and:



The above command lists all disks, then


N is the number of the disk you would like to acces

Now the disk signature will be displayed, such as 0805dae1


To change the disk signature:

The disk signature wil then be updated to contain the byte value you entered.


Hint: Use BackupChain backup software and its VSS Diagnosis feature to test out your system.

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