Our Service Promise to You: The BackupChain Solution

Our customers complimented our technical support countless times as “the best customer service on the planet” and that our first-class service is like nothing they had experienced before, especially not in the IT sector. What they really mean is that the BackupChain Solution really works for them and that they are indeed very happy.

What Exactly is the BackupChain “Solution”?

Generally speaking, a solution is a complete and satisfying answer to problem. But what exactly is the problem you need to solve? Perhaps you will be surprised if we told you that the majority of companies are not aware of many critical, backup-related problems that should be solved.

BackupChain is not like a typical software company. We at BackupChain set ourselves apart by the things we do and the things we don’t do.

For example, we don’t outsource software development or technical support. Our team is 100% based in the U.S.A.
We don’t claim we have the solution to your problem until we have discussed your situation in detail. Once we have discussed your setup and needs, we discuss how we want to be Your #1 backup solution.

By choosing BackupChain, you choose our team, and your purchase comes with a promise of a fruitful and mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation. It’s not just software. It’s the team you will be working with. Our team takes great pride in their work and in supporting your company in every way they can. That makes the huge difference and is beneficial for everyone involved.

Companies that claim to have “the best solution” are usually talking about things, which in their minds are the “best”, but that’s based on their standards. How could they possibly know what you need and how could they adapt their offering to you, without even talking with you first? Well, they don’t and they can’t…and probably don’t want to either!

And that’s the “secret” of the BackupChain Solution: we actually want to and work very hard to provide the best customer service on the planet, for you.

Our Goal is to Support Your Business

We take a different approach than other companies. The best solution, in our opinion, is the one that solves your problem, not someone else’s. Because data and servers are the “heart and blood” of most companies today, neither the problem nor the solution is technology; the question is how do we go about securing the livelihood of your business?

And we take this challenge very seriously. Before a challenge can be mastered, however, it needs to be properly defined.

Free Backup System Consultation Services

We take the time to personally discuss your needs and infrastructure in order to get a very good picture of what you really need to protect. We then define the problem with you and offer various strategies, which may also include recommendations for hardware and other third-party components.

Backups have become very technical. Even experienced IT professionals have often trouble planning a complete backup strategy to the last detail without overlooking certain aspects. However, BackupChain isn’t just for experienced IT professionals. We help business owners, power users, IT service providers, government agencies, as well as large corporations protect their data, servers, and IT systems efficiently, by uniquely adapting to our customer’s needs and work patterns and preferences. Our team will suggest several possible strategies based on the information you provide, and make sure that nothing slips through and all data in the business is properly backed up.

Personalized Technical Support

Our technical support team members are essentially your IT consultants. Our team isn’t just there to answer product questions; our team members will work with you to create and implement all the backup strategies you need to have in place in order to fully protect against all disaster scenarios.

When you call, you will reach your personal account manager; hence, you are automatically connected with someone who is familiar with your setup and infrastructure. Not only does this speed up the resolution of all customer requests, it also helps uncover new opportunities for improvement in the long-term.

Technical Support Levels

Each software edition includes the license to use the software perpetually (indefinitely, only a one-time fee) and includes one or more years of software maintenance. The software maintenance includes technical support and assistance and software updates during the agreed time period. The maintenance agreement may be extended or renewed in the future at a large discount.

Professional and Server Editions

The Professional and Server Editions are entry-level editions that offer our robust backup engine with additional live technical support from 9am to 5pm ET (New York time zone). We offer live assistance over the phone, live chat, and email.
All our editions come with a “never stuck” guarantee. We will address your questions and make sure your request is processed successfully within 24 hours.

Server Enterprise and Server Enterprise for PCs Editions

At the Server Enterprise level, we offer technical support priority B. This means you have a dedicated personal technical support contact assigned, who will promptly process your technical requests.
Your personal support engineer will assist you with emergencies as well as non-critical product requests using the remote control product of your choice. Response time: Less than 4 hours, during regular business hours. After 15 minutes of actual assistance (per request), not including the time required to communicate the issue, a charge of $65/hour applies, charged hourly. Should such charges become necessary they will be negotiated in advance. There will never be any “surprise” charges that were not explicitly agreed upon.
Furthermore, in the very unlikely scenario that you have identified a software defect that necessitates a time-critical tech support response, you can rest assured that we will attend to it asap and resolve the issue at no charge.
With the Server Enterprise editions you benefit from a short response time and having our experienced team available for all backup related questions, including the option for remote assistance sessions.

Platinum Edition

The Platinum edition includes what we refer to as Full Service. Full service means that we install the software on your server and assign you to a personal account manager who plans the backup strategies with you and takes care of backup maintenance, troubleshooting, remote assistance, and backup monitoring. These types of services including technical support are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The technical support priority A is the highest service priority. It includes all services but with a response time of 30 minutes and a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year availability. No additional charges apply. There are no limitations on technical support duration and frequency.
The Platinum edition is used by many different types of organizations. From power users (sole proprietors, business owners, stockbrokers, etc.) to large government organizations, who desire a fully managed backup solution with a single point of contact.

Whether you are an IT pro or an IT novice, it doesn’t matter. No matter how long it takes, when you choose the Platinum edition, we plan the entire system with you, install, maintain, monitor, and recover your data exactly when you need it and the way your business needs it. When disaster strikes, we are only a phone call away. In the meantime, you can rest assured that your backups are 100% functioning the way they should and that a team member is actively monitoring them every day.

What Happens When My Software Maintenance Agreement Expires?

The software maintenance agreement includes technical support and software updates during the agreed upon time-frame. The time-frame starts with purchase of the license. Licenses already include one, two, or more years of software maintenance.
When your software maintenance agreement expires after one or two years, you have the option to renew it. If you don’t, your software will still continue to work forever. Within three months of expiration, you can purchase a renewal, again for one or two years, at 25% of future list price (i.e. -75%). After the three months are over, it is considered an upgrade, which is available at 50% of list price.
The best deal is to purchase a two year software maintenance with the license and renew it on time. For example, a Server Enterprise Edition is available for a one-time payment of $624.99. After two years, the renewal for another two years is available for just $156.25. When you have multiple licenses in operation, you can save even more by renewing them together in a bundle and benefit from our generous volume discounts.
Please do not hesitate contacting our sales department with your questions, or to obtain an accurate quote and more details.