OneDrive Backup Software for Windows PCs and Servers

Backing up OneDrive is crucial because only backups can protect your business from accidental deletions, malware, ransomware, and even employee vandalism. OneDrive is hosted by Microsoft online and exposed to more threats than local storage. However, with our backup software toolset for Windows Server and Windows 10, you can protect the files in OneDrive just the same way. In addition, you could use BackupChain to keep a local copy of your online folders with backup versioning. This ensures that each file revision is also backed up, in case you want to go back to an earlier version of a file, if you need it. Naturally, all these features may be fine-tuned to your needs.

Why You Need OneDrive Backup Software

OneDrive needs to be protected just like all types of storage and data. It is exposed to the internet and hosted by a third-party providers. Intruders could infect Microsoft servers and storage and you could lose your data. They could somehow guess or get access to your login credentials and then delete all your online folders. Ransomware can easily infect a computer, and OneDrive will then synchronize the damaged files with the good files online, thereby overwriting them. Many people think that because Microsoft is a big corporation, they are immune to threats but the exact opposite is true. Because of their size, they are a very lucrative target for online criminals. In addition, no one can give guarantees about what happens inside Microsoft. When you upload a file, you potentially make it accessible to the public even if you believe it is protected, but it really is only partially protected.
The world thought that online servers at large providers are 100% safe but recent, repeated total outages, affecting millions of websites hosted on those platforms, have proven otherwise. Having complete control and access to your business files is obviously of paramount importance to you and it’s possibly one of the reasons why you use OneDrive in the first place.
Using BackupChain as your OneDrive Backup Software put you in the driver’s seat. You can set up BackupChain to create backups, as many as you need, to other backup media and possibly other online folders, too. Thereby you can replicate your data with version control and make sure you have access to it when you need it.

Another Use for OneDrive

Instead of storing your files on OneDrive, you could use OneDrive as your backup folder. The benefit is the following: BackupChain encrypts files with a very secure mechanism and places them in the OneDrive folder, which gets synchronized with the OneDrive account online. When you need to restore, you can use the OneDrive folder to obtain the files from the cloud account in the case your local backups are lost, for example, because of a fire. This method doesn’t expose you to any risks because the files online are encrypted and even Microsoft doesn’t know the password. The files remain encrypted in transit as well as at rest.

Benefits of Backing up OneDrive with BackupChain and Setup Tips

Backing up OneDrive with BackupChain is simple to set up. Simply install BackupChain and create a new backup task of type “General File Backup”. Select the local folders that are synchronized with OneDrive, such as C:\Users, which contains all your user account and user files. BackupChain will then create a consistent backup of all selected folders and send the backup files to your desired target, for example a local folder or a network share. Files may be encrypted and compressed, or left in their native format. There are endless possibilities; you could set up any backup strategy you like. The benefits of using BackupChain are many: backup consistency across folders, encryption, compression, deduplication, detailed logging, email alerts, backup file verification, and much more.

Backup Software for IT Professionals

Welcome to our complete and yet affordable backup software for IT Pros! BackupChain can also create classic disk clone as well as a disk image of any hard drive or RAID array. It also includes VirtualBox backup, Hyper-V backup, VMware backup, SQL Server backup, and virtual machine backup. To set up a 3-2-1 type backup, you can use our cloud backup or remote backup features and even host your own cloud storage online.

Backup Software Overview

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