Backup Software with VSS Support for Windows Server and Windows 10


If you are looking for a backup solution that comes with VSS support, you came to the right place. Our backup software BackupChain uses VSS in all its editions, on Windows 10 PCs as well as on Windows Server 2019. BackupChain uses VSS to obtain a consistent state of Windows and all installed services. BackupChain can then back up your entire system live, including all files, virtual machines, and databases, without any interruptions. VSS is the interface used by many services, such as SQL Server, Exchange, and Hyper-V, to ensure that the data on disk is in a consistent state when live backups are generated.

Below are some of the live backup features that BackupChain offers:

  • Incremental as well as differential backup
  • File server and database backups, such as SQL Server, Microsoft Access
  • BackupChain implements the Traditional Incremental/Differential Backup Scheme for virtual machine and database backups: a full backup is generated and added on by a certain number of incremental or differential backups
  • BackupChain uses high-speed compression and data encryption algorithms
  • Backup files may be opened directly from the backup folder, even without BackupChain

Why is VSS Important?

Without VSS, it’s impossible to create live backups and consistent backups. Imagine the simple scenario: if a backup is taken of a very large folder that takes hours to complete and someone moves files in and out of that folder while the backup is running, what will the backup contain at the end? It would be fairly impossible to predict. For that reason, BackupChain integrates with VSS to provide a consistent point in time view of the folder, so that even if the backup takes hours to complete, the view of the folder is frozen (to BackupChain but not to users, who won’t notice anything) to ensure the backup is consistent relative to the point in time when the backup was started.

What are the capabilities of BackupChain Backup Software with VSS?

BackupChain is an all-in-one PC and backup software for Windows. It offers backup deduplication, and disk image backup, live disk to disk cloning, VMware VM backup, backup for VirtualBox virtual machines, cloud server backup, FTPS backups, and a lot more features.
Using BackupChain’s many features, you can set up any type of backup scheme you need to set up your own backup exactly the way you want. BackupChain’s integration with VSS ensures that under all circumstances the backups taken are consistent and reliable.

BackupChain Overview

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