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If you are looking for a backup solution that offers deduplication, you will be surprised that our server backup software BackupChain offers various deduplication mechanisms in all editions, even for PCs. BackupChain’s unique deduplication method works at the file-level and ensures your backups use only minimal storage space. In addition, when backing up to remote servers or cloud servers, backup deduplication dramatically reduces backup time, since upload bandwidth is usually limited.
BackupChain offers the following backup deduplication features:

  • Incremental as well as differential backup deduplication
  • File, database, virtual machine, and other block-based data may be deduplicated automatically
  • BackupChain uses the Traditional Incremental/Differential Backup Scheme: a full backup is followed by a configurable number of increments or differentials
  • Backup deduplication uses high-speed compression and data encryption standards
  • When it’s time to restore, BackupChain adds the pieces back together automatically
  • BackupChain is the only tool that offers backup deduplication over standard FTP. This means you can use any FTP server and benefit from BackupChain’s backup deduplication features
  • File-level verification ensures that deduplicated backups remain intact while in storage, even if the backup files are in the cloud or stored on remote servers.
  • If you are backing up virtual machines, naturally their virtual disks are backed up with deduplication. However, you can even back up folders stored inside the VMs and use backup deduplication for those files, for example, a large SQL database residing inside the VM. This granular backup feature works without installing any software inside the VMs.

Some typical use cases for where deduplication is useful are:

Why is Deduplication Important?

Deduplication offers two main benefits. First, the size of future subsequent backups is reduced, so there are storage savings. Second, especially when the link to the storage is rather slow, as in cloud backups, there is also a speed gain because there is less data that needs to be moved to the low bandwidth storage location.

Beyond Incremental and Differential Backup Deduplication

As an all-in-one PC and backup solution for Windows Server, BackupChain offers much more than backups deduplication, and disk sector-level backup, such as live disk cloning, VMware backup, backup for VirtualBox VMs, version backups, backup to cloud servers, FTPS backup, and a lot more.
Above all, our Windows backup software BackupChain gives you control over how your data will be protected, and it uses a reliable backup process that runs unattended for years without issues.

Backup Software Overview

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