How to Exclude Certain Folders and Files From Backups

In order to exclude folders and files from a backup, use the Exclusions tab.

The Exclusions tab offers various ways a folder or file can be excluded:

exclusions tab


The top two boxes allow users to enter specific files and folders to be excluded.

The third field ‘exclude files and folders containing this text…’ allows names to be filtered by any text found in the full path name (case -insensitive).


In order to exclude a complex set of folders, you could use the RegEx based filtration (.Net flavor, last exclusion box).

For example, in order to exclude for all users in Windows the ‘recent’ folder, use:


The above filter matches folders such as:


The filter is also case insensitive and covers all subfolders to \recent\ as well.


Helpful Resources A tool to test RegEx expressions in .Net flavor. A list of RegEx examples