Hyper-V Fixed Disks: Pros and Cons

This article outlines some considerations when using fixed disks for Hyper-V and fixed disk Hyper-V backup. Performance of Fixed Disks at Run-time Fixed-sized VHDX are great building blocks for VMs as they greatly reduce overhead in Hyper-V. Assuming you refrain from using Hyper-V checkpoints, disk access to fixed disks is always linear. In addition, neighboring […]

Hyper-V Pass-through Disk: Pros and Cons

Pass-through disks in Hyper-V are touted to offer better performance; however, the speed advantage is rather minimal and below 5% compared to a fixed-sized VHDX. When using pass-through disks one needs to be aware of a couple of disadvantages: Exclusive Use Pass-through disks are under exclusive use by the VM, even though the access is […]

Hyper-V Dynamic Disk Pros and Cons

Dynamic disks in Hyper-V may be a bad choice under certain circumstances, especially for Hyper-V backup and for general performance reasons. First of all we need to distinguish between dynamic disks and dynamically expanding disks. Dynamically expanding disks are VHDX files that grow over time. Hyper-V uses them internally also for checkpoints  (a.k.a. snapshots) of […]

USB Disks and Hyper-V: How to Use, Pros and Cons

USB disks and other external disks can be used with Hyper-V in many different ways; some relate to Hyper-V backup to USB disk, some don’t: mounted directly as a disk inside the VM shared between host and guest VMs as host storage to hold Hyper-V VMs as a target Hyper-V backup drive Mounting USB Disk […]

Pros and Cons of Deduplication Technologies, VHDX, Hyper-V

Tremendous storage savings Data deduplication data basically means removing duplicate segments in data files; hence, deduplication is a form of data compression but it’s being used with a twist in various different ways.  Hyper-V backup software, for example, uses deduplication to achieve a dramatic reduction in backup storage usage by comparing the last backup of […]

How to Fix: Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

You may see the error Data error (cyclic redundancy check)   in the Windows Event Viewer or in the logs of your backup tool followed by a failure. When these errors refer to a disk drive, usually data errors and cyclic redundancy check errors are due to serious disk defects. It’s is strongly recommended to […]

How to Fix Event 1135 FailoverClustering: Cluster node was removed

The following two errors may show in the CSV node’s Event Viewer System logs: Event 1135 FailoverClustering Cluster node ‘NODE1’ was removed from the active failover cluster membership. The Cluster service on this node may have stopped. This could also be due to the node having lost communication with other active nodes in the failover […]