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BackupChain is a Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 all-in-one server backup software that also contains free P2V converter tools for Hyper-V, VMware, and VirtualBox. It can convert your physical machine to a virtual machine as VHD, VHDX, VMDK, and VDI. This can be done repeatedly on auto-pilot to function like a backup or just once as a final P2V migration. You can use BackupChain as a:

  • P2V converter to convert a physical machine to Hyper-V (VHD and VHDX)
  • P2V converter for VMware (VMDK)
  • P2V conversion tool for VirtualBox (VDI format)
  • all of the above can be automated using a schedule.
  • Have your physical server converted into a virtual machine and ready to boot when disaster strikes
  • Assisted Conversion: Contact our tech support and we will guide you through the process.

With our comprehensive backup solution made for IT Pros you can also do much more:

“It was a total breeze. EFI was our main complication as the disk was larger than 2TB. We needed EFI compatibility. After trying multiple Microsoft-suggested methods that failed, I couldn’t believe how simple and reliable the BackupChain method was. This is also the best support I’ve received in IT. Kudos.”

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Physical to Virtual Converter for Hyper-V (VHD and VHDX)

You can use BackupChain’s P2V converter and convert the disks of a physical server directly into the VHD or VHDX format. The new VHDX format allows hard disks of up to 64 TB. BackupChain can take a simultaneous snapshot of all disks on the server and convert them simultaneously so you have a completely consistent P2V migration of your server. The VHD files are then ready to boot in Hyper-V as a virtual machine when you need them.

Physical to Virtual Conversion for VMware (VMDK)

BackupChain can convert your physical disk drives into VMDK files, that you can use in VMware ESX, VMware Workstation, VMware Player or Server. The VMDK files can be placed on a network share or external drive from where you can mount or boot them at any time immediately without the need of copying. While many users do a P2V migration just once, it’s also a great backup method allowing you to recover from total loss quickly and easily using a backup server, until you have new hardware set up and running.

P2V Converter for VirtualBox (VDI format)

As a free virtualization platform, VirtualBox has gained momentum, especially for the purpose of backup servers. BackupChain can convert your physical disks to the VDI format used in VirtualBox. Once you have your backup server system set up, BackupChain can copy the VDI to it so it’s ready to boot when needed. Similar to VMware, VirtualBox is great for a variety of operating systems and also runs on many different host operating systems free of charge.

Scheduled P2V Conversion

BackupChain offers scheduled physical to virtual conversion and uses version backup to automatically clean older copies. Whenever disaster strikes the VHDs are ready on your backup server or media to boot with Hyper-V, VMware, or VirtualBox. Alternatively you can mount disk images at any time and extract files from them.

V2P and V2V Converter Options

BackupChain can also copy from one virtual disk format to another interchangeably (between VHD, VHDX, VMDK, and VDI). When running on top of Windows you can also convert V2V live. For example, a Hyper-V virtual machine can be converted to VirtualBox or VMware without interruptions. VMware Workstation VMs or VirtualBox VMs can be converted similarly.

As sometimes the load for a virtual machine becomes excessive, many IT administrators want to convert a virtual machine into a physical server. This, too, can be accomplished using BackupChain’s disk converter from any of the virtual disk formats mentioned above to a physical hard drive, RAID array, or SSD disk.

BackupChain: A Complete Backup Solution for Windows

Physical to virtual machine conversion is just a small module offered in BackupChain. Beyond the P2V converter, BackupChain also offers disk image backup, disk cloning, version backup, database backup, Exchange Server backup, Hyper-V backup, VMware backup, cloud backup, and much more. Backup tasks may be automated and fined-tuned to suit your specific needs. Take BackupChain for a test drive today and download the full version.

Backup Software Overview

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BackupChain is the all-in-one server backup software for:
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