Live Linux Virtual Machine Backup Without Shutdown or Pause

It is possible to create a Hyper V backup of Linux virtual machines without interruption, without shutdown or pause.
Download the latest release of Microsoft’s Linux Integration Services 4.1  and benefit from a range of features specifically for running Linux VMs in Hyper-V, beyond zero downtime when running Linux virtual machines are backed up.

What’s New?

The new release of March 18, 2016 includes new features, such as sockets for Hyper V, manual hot-add memory, lsvmbus, and SCSI WNN.
In addition, a wide range of features are now supported inside Linux virtual machine guests, such as:

Driver support for network controller and Hyper-V IDE and SCSI storage controllers
Fastpath Boot Support using block Virtualization Service Client (VSC) for better speed
Accurate time synchronization
Improved dynamic memory for Linux virtual machines
Synthetic video devices for better graphics performance
Support for PAE kernels
Proper shut down and other VM state support
Linux distributions can now utilize several virtual processors per virtual machine.
Heartbeat, which detects whether the VM is responsive at all times.
Ethernet Jumbo Frame support
VLAN tagging and trunking that allows several VLAN ids to be configured in synthetic network adapters.
Key Value Pair functionality
Full mouse support
Live Migration for virtual machines running Linux in Hyper-V
Static IP Injection. You can now migrate VMs with static IP addresses
Linux VHDX resize, that allows live resizing of the underlying virtual disks
Native access to SANs.

Supported Operating Systems for Linux Integration Services

Microsoft Hyper-V Server Technical Preview
Windows 8 Pro and 8.1 Pro and Windows 10

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, and 2012 R2
Windows Server Technical Preview

About BackupChain and Its Features

Apart from Linux virtual machine backup for Hyper-V Linux guests, BackupChain backup software provides a full range of virtual machine backup and server backup features. Aiming to be the Windows backup solution of choice for IT professionals worldwide and offering the best backup software value on the market, BackupChain goes beyond Hyper V backup, CSV backup, and live VM backup and also includes server cloud backup functionality, as well as support for other hypervisor environments, allowing users to create VirtualBox backup and VMware backup tasks as well.
You won’t find any other deduplication backup software that can also perform deduplication backup over FTP. FTP incremental backup and differential backup are unique features in BackupChain and also very useful when backing up Linux virtual machines locally or to a NAS. Other unique features include BackupChain’s capability to create granular backup tasks in addition to granular restore. Basically you can access the Linux VM’s file system at the time of backup and only back up the folders you need.
BackupChain also functions as a version backup software in that it keeps track of how file contents change over time, whether you do online backup, file backup, or Exchange Server backup. Version backup tracking is also crucial when you back up virtual machines often, especially in combination with deduplication. While version backup manages multiple restore points in the same backup folder, you also get a lot more restore points using deduplication.
Don’t forget to check out our freeware for Windows that includes our free FTP client “DriveMaker”, which mounts FTP sites directly to your desktop or server (or VM) as a drive letter.

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