Purchase DriveMaker Plus, FTP and SFTP Drive Network Mount Software

Note that the DriveMaker freeware should be used for as long as necessary to confirm compatibility with your FTP server.


USA: $24.99 (also for regions not listed below)
Canada: $29.99 CAN
UK: GBP 19.99
Australia: $29.99 AUD
Euro Zone: 24.99 EUR
Licenses are perpetual, i.e. a one time payment. You will need one license for each installation of DriveMaker Plus.

Technical Support Policy

We offer technical support for DriveMaker Plus to customers connecting to a Microsoft IIS 7  Server or later, or a BackupChain FTP Server.

We do not offer technical support for the freeware edition of DriveMaker.

Refund policy for DriveMaker Plus Purchases

Note you can use the freeware version for as long as you wish to confirm compatibility with your specific FTP server and that the program suits your needs. Refunds can be processed until 15 days after the purchase if you are using DriveMaker to connect to a BackupChain FTP Server or IIS version 7 and later. Refunds are only offered for substantial defects that we are unable to rectify. Refunds will not be processed if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the software characteristics described in the DriveMaker FAQ or if you have chosen not to test the freeware edition in your environment before purchasing.

Ready to Order?

To purchase more than one license of DriveMaker Plus, please contact sales at sales@backupchain.com as volume discounts are available.
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, through secure online PayPal invoices. No PayPal signup is required. When ordering via email, please indicate how many licenses you wish to purchase. Licenses are perpetual, a one-time purchase, not a subscription.

By placing an order you are agreeing to the above policies. Most orders are handled within 30 minutes. Please email us if you haven’t received your license within 48 hours after placing your order.

DriveMaker Plus, Single Perpetual License
U.S. Customers and other regions
USD $24.99
Euro Zone
EUR 24.99
CHF 24.99
CAD $29.99
United Kingdom
GBP 19.99
AUD 29.99