How to Backup Oracle VirtualBox VMs While Running

BackupChain Platinum EditionLive Oracle VirtualBox Backups with Deduplication – No Interruption – with BackupChain Backup Software

BackupChain is a easy to use physical and virtual machine backup software for IT professionals that has been on the market since 2009 and contains specialized features for Oracle VirtualBox live backup, such as backing up virtual machines while running without any interruption or interference with the VMs.

BackupChain can be set up in various virtual environments, such as Oracle VirtualBox, VMware, and Hyper-V, and offers deduplication (only file changes are backed up from backup to backup), automatic backup versioning, and database live backup support. An optimized multi-threaded task engine allows users to set up fast and simultaneous backup tasks.

Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine Backup Features

Support for latest Windows versions Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 and the latest Oracle VirtualBox v7

Efficient and fast local, NAS, and cloud backup for VirtualBox virtual machines and hosts.

BackupChain detects content changes and only stores the difference. (Also called deduplication, or delta compression)

Because only content changes are replicated, you can back up virtual machines, databases, and other large files quickly. This feature also makes backups to a remote location more efficient.

BackupChain backs up databases and other VSS aware services while running and without stopping the database server and without interruptions.

Efficient compression of large files larger than 4GB

Support for very long (32768 characters) path names, even with ZIP compression

Support for international characters in path names (Unicode file names)

BackupChain supports USB 3.0 external hard drives and other backup media.

Purchase includes one or two year update subscription.

Free lifetime tech support

Granular Backup for VDI

Granular Restore for VDI

Tech Support When You Need It

We take pride in our business and are personally committed to providing the best value possible. Should you run into any issues with BackupChain, please contact our technical support.

Oracle VirtualBox Backup to External Hard Drives, Network Shares, FTP, and the Cloud

BackupChain performs fast incremental and differential backups to external hard disks, network drives, and FTP. The built-in FTP backup server permits receiving backups from other machines on the Internet. Check out our cloud backup plans; by protecting your Oracle VirtualBox VMs to the cloud you might qualify for free software licenses.

To meet the needs of IT professionals, BackupChain contains specialized proprietary technology to handle so-called “in-file deltas”. Delta compression is ideal for
VMs and databases because only changes are stored rather than the entire file. BackupChain is the only backup tool with deduplication on a file basis providing delta compression and thereby significantly lowering bandwidth and storage requirements.

Private Cloud Backups for Servers and Workstations — Both Sides are in Your Control

Set up and control your own remote backup system using the built-in FTP server. Running your own server at another site eliminates online storage costs and your data is stored on your own computers.

Back up data to any other PC running BackupChain or any FTP hosting site on the Internet.

Save your office data to your home computer and vice-versa.

Back up your servers and PCs at several office locations.

Encrypt your data with secure transmission (FTPS) and military-strength encryption (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

Configurable Versioning

Configure precisely the number of Oracle VirtualBox backups you want to keep depending on type and location.

Compress specific file types the way you need (in-file delta, zip, rar, gz, etc.) For example, deduplicate VMs but ZIP Microsoft Word documents.

Specify different settings for each folder and file extension.

Lots of options to exclude and filter items automatically.

Locked File Handling

BackupChain processes locked files of any type; hence, your virtual machines are backed up live without interruptions.

You can back up databases while the database server is in operation (Microsoft SQL, etc.)

Backup virtual machines on Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, Virtual Server R2, VMware Server, and other platforms.

Applications and their data can be processed while applications are running. To see how BackupChain can back up virtual machines in various hypervisors while running, check out the info on virtual machine live backup.