License Renewal Questions


I bought several BackupChain Server Enterprise Individual with 1 year update licenses at 3 different times in June, July, and October.

What is the price to renew the software and what are the benefits of the renewal. If I don’t renew, will it reduce the software functionality?


BackupChain licenses are perpetual; the software will continue to work forever.
Software maintenance / renewal is necessary to access new updates, features, bug fixes, and adaptations to changes in Windows and Hyper-V.
Windows changes may mandate a BackupChain update (as occurred in 2014) because backup software requires a deeper system integration than regular applications.
Renewals are available for 1,2, or 3 years at 25% the current list price. Upgrades (after update subscription has expired) are available at 50% of current list price.
If you wish to renew all of your licenses we can renew them all to the same date and at a volume discount

Please contact our helpline or email for more information.