How to Set up Block Level Delta Compression and WAN Acceleration

To set up Block Level Delta Compression and WAN Acceleration you don’t need to configure much. In fact, the default settings already pre-configure deduplication for types of files where it makes most sense, for example, disk images, VHDX files (Hyper-V, Virtual PC / Server), VMDK files (VMware), MDF LDF files (SQL Server), etc.

The tab “Deduplication” in BackupChain contains the task’s deduplication settings where you can switch it on / off, set a block size and allocate CPU cores to the deduplication operation.

WAN acceleration occurs automatically when the incremental or differential compressed deltas are being uploaded.

Since so-called in-file, block-level delta compression (“deduplication”) process may be turned on and off for specific file types in the File Types tab table. There you could add a line for a particular file type of concern that you would like deduplicated. For example, you may have a Lotus Domino database file with NSF file extension. You could add a new entry in BackupChain’s File Types table “*.nsf” and enable compression and deduplication for it. As a nice bonus, you can set retention periods and limit ‘number of backups’ for just those kinds of files within a backup task as well.

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