Introducing the BackupChain Monitor (User Interface)

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Below is an overview of the BackupChain Monitor, BackupChain’s main screen:

#1 This is the main menu. Using the main menu you can terminate BackupChain Monitor application, restore files, open logs, and edit the settings of the built-in FTP server.

#2 Shows the selected task in the backup task list with gray background.

The first thing you would normally do after opening the Main Screen is to select a task from the Task List.

In our example, “Manual start” means the backup will not be started automatically; rather, it will run on demand when you click the button #4 “Run Backup Task”. “Run Daily” means a task is scheduled to run once a day.

#3 Shows whether a newer version of BackupChain is available. If a new version is available you use the option in the Help menu and BackupChain will start the automatic update process and install BackupChain.

#4: By clicking “Run Backup Task”, the selected backup task in the task list (#2) is run immediately, regardless of how it has been scheduled to run.

#5: Tasks that are currently running are displayed on blue background in the task list.

#6: The server tree on the right hand side only shows when you enable remote management. In the case of a standalone server, this section may be completely hidden or only the local host shows up. Using the Server Enterprise edition, you can remotely control other instances of BackupChain (all editions except the Server Edition), and the servers can be added to the server tree on the left. By clicking the “Server List” node at the top of the tree, BackupChain will show all tasks of all servers simultaneously so you can have an overview of all connected servers.

It is recommended to use the Save button to save your settings.

Context Menu

By right-clicking on a task you can open a menu of shortcuts:

Note that if you click ‘disable task’ it will ask you to confirm whether you want to stop the task, if it is currently running.

Open Log Viewer

The Open Log Viewer option opens a new window for the task’s log, so you can inspect several logs simultaneously.

Deleting Tasks

You can delete tasks from the context menu by right-clicking on the task’s line in the Backup Task List.

Cloning Tasks

A useful productivity tool is the clone function: right-click on the task’s line in the Backup Task List and select Clone. This will copy all task settings into a new task.

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