Hyper-V Cloud Backup

Hyper-V cloud backup doesn't have to cost a fortune. Check out our secure, high-speed terabyte cloud hosting plans for Hyper-V and other services.

Alternatively, you can set up your own private and secure cloud to back up your Hyper-V virtual machines using encryption and efficient deduplication (only changes are sent over the wire).


Among other features, BackupChain offers:

blue bullet Unlimited VM Backups

blue bullet Cluster Shared Volume backups Supported

blue bullet No Agents Inside VMs Required

blue bullet High-Speed deduplication

blue bullet Incremental & Differential Backups

blue bullet Restore / Clone VMs to New Host

blue bullet Cloning: Restore VMs with New Identitites

blue bullet Sequential or Simultaneous VM Processing

blue bullet Live / Hot VM Backup — No interruptions

blue bullet Isolated, Selective VM Backups

blue bullet Advanced Scheduling

blue bullet Standard File Formats

blue bullet Backup and Restore Hyper-V Checkpoints

blue bullet Backup VMs the Cloud (Public / Private)

blue bullet Database, SQL, Network, & File backups

blue bullet NAS, FTP, FTPS, USB, iSCSI and SAN Supported

blue bullet Backup & Restore Exchange & SQL Server VMs

blue bullet Restore different VM versions

blue bullet Runs on Windows, Core, and Hyper-V Servers

blue bullet Simple backup drive/target rotation

blue bullet Quick installation, no reboot required

blue bullet Risk-free, fully functional trial

blue bullet File-level (Granular) Restore of individual files inside VMs. File-level backups from host are also supported (Granular Backup)

blue bullet AES Encryption and encrypted links

blue bullet Full 24/7 Phone, Email, & Live Chat Support based in the U.S.

blue bullet One license for each host, regardless of number of VMs or CPU sockets

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BackupChain Features

As the new backup software for Windows, BackupChain offers a wide range of features, including Hyper-V backup, live backup of VMs and virtual server guest systems, as well as Windows Server backup. On the virtual side, VMware backup and VirtualBox backup can all be taken using the same features, including deduplication and incremental backup and differential backup.
A large number of users like to use FTP backup and hence use our freeware for server named DriveMaker that allows you to mount an FTP site as drive letter.

While deduplication backup is a must have for cloud backup so you don’t waste time and cloud storage, it’s also very beneficial for local backups as well, including SQL backup and Exchange Server EDB backup.

BackupChain Overview

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The all-in-one Backup Solution for
Disk Image Backup
Drive Cloning and Disk Copy
Hyper-V Backup and VHD File Backups
VirtualBox Backup and VDI File Backups
VMware Backup and VMDK Backups
FTP Backup and Secure FTPS Backups
Cloud Backup and Remote Backups
File Server Backup and Data Backups