How to Convert Pass-through Disk to VHDX or VMDK

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There are two possibilities available to convert a pass-through disk to a virtual disk. The first option is to do the conversion from inside the virtual machine, since the VM has the pass-through disk directly attached to it. The advantage here is that no downtime will be needed. This type of a conversion of pass-through disks from inside the VM can be done live, without interruptions. The second option is to do the same conversion from the host instead. In that case, the VM will have to be shut down for the duration of the conversion. The reason for that is that when the VM is running, it has full control over the disk; hence, a conversion tool cannot make a reliable and consistent copy of it.

In either case, the tool you need for the conversion is BackupChain. As part of the server backup software toolset for IT professionals, BackupChain offers a P2V conversion tool, among many other related tools and backup tools for Hyper-V and VMware. If you decide to do the conversion from inside the VM, install BackupChain and perform a live P2V conversion of the pass-through disk. You can choose from various virtual disk formats, such as VHDX, VHD, VMDK (for VMware), and VDI (for VirtualBox). Live conversions are perfectly safe and consistent because they are taken using VSS snapshots.

BackupChain is a reliable and customizable PC and server backup software for Windows Server 2022 – 2008 and Windows 11-7, made specifically for IT professionals. You can fine-tune backups and use open standard backup file formats to back up your servers exactly the way you want, at a much lower price than other solutions. Our reliable and dependable backup software is backed by the BackupChain team, based 100% in the USA, that takes great pride in providing you with personal and responsive tech support whenever you need it.

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