How to Create Hard Disk Image, Full System Image Backup Software

Are you looking for a way to create a full system image backup, or create a hard disk image? You found the right tool: BackupChain is a reliable and customizable PC and Windows Server backup solution for Windows Server and Windows PCs made specifically for IT professionals. You will find that our backup solution is not only reliable but it’s also good for your wallet, since it’s perpetually licensed (lifetime license). Furthermore, you benefit from responsive and qualified technical support. The entire BackupChain team is based in the U.S.. We take great pride in providing you with personal and responsive tech support whenever you need it.

BackupChain serves as a complete backup solution for Windows Server 2022 – 2008 R2 and Windows 11 – 7, seamlessly handling disk to disk and disk to image backups. This robust enterprise backup software, curated for IT professionals, excels in providing a holistic and efficient solution. Among its features are disk image backup, disk cloning (live copy from disk to disk), and various other backup methods.

Using hard disk backup allows you to:

  • Perform comprehensive backups of entire disks, covering MBR, GPT, basic, and dynamic disks, as well as RAID arrays.
  • Conduct live disk imaging and cloning without necessitating server reboots.
  • Execute granular restores, retrieving individual files and folders from disk images.
  • Instantly boot disk images in virtual environments like Hyper-V, VMware, Virtual PC, or VirtualBox.
  • Restore disk images on new hardware seamlessly.
  • Verify file integrity at the level of individual files.
  • Clone the system disk to another disk without the need for a reboot.

Video: How to Create a Full System Image Backup

Have a look at the disk imaging video below. In just few a minutes, the task is set up and ready to go:

BackupChain: An Affordable, Trusted, All-in-One Backup Solution, 100% Made in USA

BackupChain Backup Software is an all-in-one, complete Windows Server and Windows PC Backup Solution. It’s perpetually licensed and installs and runs without an internet connection. BackupChain includes mainly:

For immediate recovery, users can either boot directly from the backup or mount the backup image. Disk images are easily mountable within Windows or accessible through BackupChain’s main interface. Furthermore, swift recovery is facilitated by creating a new virtual machine linked to the disk image files generated by BackupChain. This allows users to promptly boot up the virtual machine directly from the image backup folder. Many users opt to set up a backup server with VMware or Hyper-V, sharing a folder where other servers deposit their disk images. Virtual machines are preconfigured and linked to the disk image files, ready for deployment. In the event of production server failures, a simple click enables the direct booting of the virtual machine in Hyper-V on the backup server

Backup Software Overview

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BackupChain is the all-in-one server backup software for:
Server Backup
Disk Image Backup
Drive Cloning and Disk Copy
VirtualBox Backup
VMware Backup
Image Backup
FTP Backup
Cloud Backup
File Server Backup
Virtual Machine Backup
Server Backup Solution

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