Command-line Access S3, FTP, Wasabi, SFTP, Cloud Drive Windows

Do you need command-line access for Amazon S3 bucket, FTP, SFTP, Wasabi bucket, or any compatible cloud drive storage? You found the right tool! DriveMaker maps a drive letter or network drive to your cloud drive or cloud storage. With DriveMaker, you can access your cloud storage from any application, including the command prompt, PowerShell, Windows Explorer, and Microsoft Office.

Simply go ahead, download DriveMaker, and set up a site profile with your S3 compatible storage and bucket details (Amazon S3, Wasabi, MinIO, FreeNAS, etc.), or FTP / FTPS / SFTP site and click connect. A drive letter of your choice is created and immediately accessible from any application. You can even run anti-virus scans on your cloud drive or use Microsoft Office and edit files in-place.

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Map Wasabi Bucket Storage to a Cloud Drive

Accessing Wasabi buckets from the command line is now very simple. After setting up a new site profile in DriveMaker, the drive letter you choose, say X: will map directly to your Wasabi storage. You can then run any DOS command or batch file you need, such as copy, del, md, robocopy, etc.

Map Amazon S3 Bucket Storage to a Cloud Drive + MinIO, FreeNAS, AWS

In fact, any S3 compatible storage can be mapped to a network cloud drive using DriveMaker. Whether you use Amazon S3, MinIO, FreeNAS or other platforms, all become accessible from the command prompt and any other Windows application, including the File Explorer in Windows and even anti-virus scanners.

Map an Ftp Drive to your FTP, SFTP, and FTPS Sites

DriveMaker began as a classic FTP-Drive but later versions also added mapping an SFTP drive as an option. Where your SFTP drive is hosted doesn’t matter. The DriveMaker tool will connect on any port, with credentials or using key files. In the case of SFTP, S3, and FTPS, secure and encrypted links are being made to the cloud storage to protect your privacy.

Forget Complicated and Expensive Tools to Access Your Cloud Storage: Use DriveMaker and Map a Drive Instead

The possibilities are nearly endless. Once your cloud storage, Wasabi S3 bucket, or FTP drive is mounted, you can run any PowerShell or batch script you want and accomplish whatever complicated task you need to do, as if the files were local. There is no need for complicated tools that limit your options. Once you have the drive letter mounted, it’s like dealing with a real, local drive. Download it now and see for yourself how easy DriveMaker really is.

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