Copy Long Path Names and Deep Folders over 240 Characters

If you are stuck trying to back up or copy long path names over 240 characters long, you are not alone.


Did you know Windows NTFS supports nested, long paths and folders reaching well over 32,000 characters?

And, Windows Explorer itself will produce errors when you are trying to work with deep folders over 240 characters, as do many other tools on the market from ‘so-called’ established vendors.
These ancient limitations are in most Windows user interfaces, developed by Microsoft itself, and these bugs were there and are still there now since Windows 95.

It appears as if Microsoft has no intention of solving this issue at least it hasn’t been fixed in Windows Server 2012 or Windows 10.


The Solution

Realizing that most business users utilize file servers with very deep folders that sometimes nested folders go well beyond several thousand characters, we knew that specialized software is required to solve the problem.

BackupChain backup software was designed from the very beginning to support, backup, and copy very long path names up to the Windows limit of 32,767 characters–in any language. In addition, BackupChain ships with an FTP server that also supports extremely long nested folder names as well as foreign language characters. You will find that most FTP servers on the market cannot handle long path names either.

By using these unique features along with BackupChain’s Restore module, you can rest assured that your file server backups are intact and can be restored at any time.

BackupChain is now (2015) in its sixth year of existence and a popular backup tool amongst IT professionals worldwide with a user base over 40,000, sold in all corners of the world.
Our products reliability and responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful technical support are guaranteed with a 110% money back guarantee (see Buy page for details and comparisons of different BackupChain Editions).

We are very proud to offer BackupChain to you at competitive prices and would be honored to welcome you as a customer!

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